The original diary was made available to A-CHS by members Bert Varnum and Marian (Dwelley) Cousins. Eda was their Aunt Eda, sister of Bert's mother Carrie (Dwelley) Varnum (Mrs. Earl) and Marian's father was Mott Dwelley.

Eda (1878 – 1954) was the seventh of nine children of John and Alice (Berry) Dwelley. Eda married True Varnum (1870 – 1924), son of Sumner and Vesta (Coffin) Varnum. True was a teacher. They had two children, girls, Muriel (1903 – 1994) and Lillian (1905 – 1979). For 30 years Eda was a widower and boarded with others because she was not able to care for herself because of arthritis. Late in Eda's life, Lillian returned home and cared for her.


Annie Flood; Eda in 1949; Leota and dog by the Flood home on Cooper Road

The Flood home was at 842 Cooper Road. Arthur (1869 – 1939) and Annie (1869 – 1963), their son Nelson (1907 – 1987) and his wife Leota (1906 – 1953) were the adults in the family. Genevieve (1927 - 2003) and Sherman (1928 – 2000) made up the third generation under the roof. This family often had boarders living with them. Arthur also had a general store. Nelson used his truck to get supplies for the store and deliver wood from the farm and neighborhood. Like all families at that time, farming was an important part of their lives.

This is her diary for 1938. Inside the front cover:

“Came to board with the Floods, September 3, 1937.”

“Came to board with the Scribners, July 4, 1938.”

It’s a five-year diary, she writes on the title page:

“I'm wondering if I’ll be here to write in this the 5th year.”

Eda did not die until 1954. However, she filled most of the pages in this diary commenting on life in 1938, leaving no room for subsequent years. Only minor editorial changes have been made, such as changing ‘brot’ to its common spelling. Marian Dwelley Cousins provided invaluable help in identifying people and events. As I type this introduction, Marian is approaching her 91st birthday. We admire such a sharp mind and willingness to share her memories. Editor’s comments are in [brackets].

l - SATURDAY: Clear and cold, 8 below; Marian Dwelley Cousins 20th birthday. Leota, Nelson and children went up to Mrs. Cousins. [Marian was Eda’s niece, the daughter of Eda’s brother Delmont. Leota Cousins Flood was the daughter of Charles and Evie (Keen) Cousins of the Pokey Road. Leota and Marian's husband Orris were sister and brother]

2 - SUNDAY: Raining hard at 10:30, Snowed in the night; Mrs. Lowe was in this P.M. and Doris Flood called this evening. We have laughed nearly all day. Marian Dwelley Cousins' 20th birthday is today, not yesterday. [Mrs. Lowe was Maud (Howe), wife of neighbor Herb Lowe, and Doris (Wood) was neighbor Raymond Flood’s wife.]

3 - MONDAY: Lovely bright day, altho it was cold this morning; At noon the sun shone brightly making the ice on the trees and bushes shine like diamonds; Leota took the teacher and children, Genevieve and Sherman, to school, but they walked home at night. [They attended Cedar School on Gooch Hill. The teacher was Agnes White, wife of Carter White of Grand Lake Stream.]

4 - TUESDAY: Morning dull and gray, warm and foggy. Got letters from my dear girlies. Oh, how I do enjoy them. Muriel said she only weighed 140, couldn't seem to get above that. How I wish she would reach 150 by June. Said Lillian going to sing over the radio.

5 - WEDNESDAY: Warm, sun at noon. Leota took teacher and children to school. Joyce, Jane and Dyer Crosby were visiting school. Mrs. White said they were nice children. Ladies Aid

6 - THURSDAY: Beautiful day. Della [Dwelley] was here all day. Leota brought her back after having taken the children to school. Mrs. White gave Barbara [Carlow] her music lesson and stayed for supper. Albert and Belle [Carlow] brought her home. Roads icy.

7 – FRIDAY: Warm and rainy, rained hard all day. Roads covered with ice and water. Alice Johnson Webb is grammie now; her daughter gave birth to a 7 lb. 11 1/2 oz. boy, Gordon Berton. Annie is great-grandmother to three, two boys and one girl.

8 - SATURDAY: Good day. Nelson, Leota, and Mrs. White went over to Linnie McArthur's and played cards in the evening.

9 - SUNDAY: Beautiful and sunny, but cold, windy, and very icy. The roads are a glare of ice.

10 - MONDAY: Clear and cold, roads are still very icy and there is quite a lot of snow. Mr. Day, the Supt. of schools, visited Mrs. White's today. There were 9 women, Della Dwelley, Mrs. Ferguson, Ruth Dwelley, Mrs. Carlow, Mrs. Maud Lowe, Yola Crosby, Doris Flood, Dot Perkins, and Eula Lowe Perkins besides Annie, Leota, and myself at Ladies Aid. Ruth had both children, Aubrey and George. Annie had brown bread with raisins in it. Aubrey said there were bugs in it. Ha! He's cute.

11 - TUESDAY: Clear and cold, roads very icy yet. Leota took Mrs. White and children to school but turned around before getting to Carlow's.

12 - WEDNESDAY: Clear and very cold, sun shone brightly in the morning. Roads just as icy as ever. Ladies Aid met at Mrs. A. W. Floods on Monday. Mrs. White gave Genevieve her music lesson. The teacher boards here at Mrs. A. W. Floods. Sang hymns in evening. [Mrs. A. W. Flood is Annie, wife of Arthur]

13 - THURSDAY: Cloudy and snowy, very fine. Roads still icy. Mrs. White's hubby called her over the telephone. How I used to love to hear my dear one's voice over the phone. No voice will ever sound so good to me or will laugh so musical. What would I give to hear it just once again? Addison Knowles had a slight shock.

14 - FRIDAY: Fair and quite cold, roads icy. Arthur and Nelson went to Calais. Arthur got his false teeth; Dr. Kenneth Thomas made them. Mrs. White's husband came back with them. Nelson hauled ice in the P. M. [from Dwelleys’ Lake, now called Pleasant Lake]. My brother Morey's 66th birthday.

15 - SATURDAY: Clear and quite cold. Finished hauling ice, 375 cakes. In P. M. Nelson and Mr. White went to Eastport. Lindsay Clarke was here in A. M. Nelson and Leota went away. [Nelson was hauling wood to Eastport; we assume four-foot firewood]

16 - SUNDAY: Sunny, but cold. Noland and Gladys [Perkins] were here for dinner and stayed until almost suppertime. Gladys and her mother went over to Maud Lowe's who has Sunday school at her house. Coris Cooper and her little boy [that’s Carleton], Doris Flood, Thersa Cousins, Dyer Crosby and George Flood's son Carroll were calling in P. M. Nelson and Leota took the teacher's husband out to Calais after dinner. His father is very sick. Didn't know them when they got there. Harold Dwelley and Tom Long here in A. M.


Harvard Dwelley, the hired man; Nelson Flood, George and Aubrey Dwelley

17 - MONDAY: Beautiful! Leota took the teacher and children to school. Coming back when she turned out for Hubert [Dwelley] she went into the ditch. Nelson had to haul her out. Annie and Leota churned. Leota is washing this P. M. Roads very icy, yet Hubert went up by. Yola Crosby was here in P. M. Yola and Maud Lowe came in evening and helped Leota, Annie and Mrs. White tack a quilt for Doris Flood who was burned out last fall. [Their house burned while the family was at the fair at Machias]

18 - TUESDAY: Sunny and 10 below here at A. W. F's. 12 below at Lincoln’s [Flood]. Harvard [Dwelley] took the teacher and children to school this morning. Got a post card from Muriel with a promise of a letter Thurs. Annie is making a nightdress. Leota is frying doughnuts. Wrote to my beautiful nightingale. [Daughter

Lillian, the singer] Won't I be proud of her when I hear her lovely voice come over the radio. I am sure my prayer will be answered and she will reach her goal.

19 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful, sunny, but 4 below in the morning. Effie Cooper [Carleton’s older sister] was in the evening. Wrote to my lovely stick-in-the- mud today. [Daughter Muriel] Will look for the promised letter tomorrow. Life wouldn't be worth living if it weren't for my two splendid girlies and to look forward to their return to me. We'11 never forget the happy times we had on the Godfrey and Huff farms [on the Arm Road in Alexander where the family lived during and after WWI].

20 - THURSDAY: Quite warm and sunny. Maud Lowe's 55th birthday. Mrs. White’s father-in-law [Charles H. White, age 67] died this morning and her two brothers-in-law came for her. Nelson went to Eastport, wants to make two trips. Harvard is cutting stove and furnace wood back of the blueberry land. Got a letter from my Muriel. Annie went over to Mrs. Lowe's, staying for supper and evening. A few friends came in the evening. Yola came over with Annie, the roads were so slippery and the moon hadn't come up so Yola had a lantern and lighted the way home.

21 - FRIDAY: Beautiful and sunny, 30 above at noon, roads very icy. Nelson and Harvard killed a pig this P. M. Nelson and Sherman went up to GLS this P. M. [Grand Lake Stream for funeral]. Arthur was in bed with a cold nearly all day. Genevieve has her two little girl friends Joyce and Jane Crosby here this P. M. Arthur felt better and got up just before supper. He and Annie are playing Cronole with the children, Genevieve and Sherman.

22 - SATURDAY: Beautiful, sunny. Nelson went to Eastport with wood, Harvard cut wood

23 SUNDAY: Beautiful day. Noland and Gladys were here for dinner and supper. Helped Nelson milk and Nelson, Leota and children took them home. Nelson and Sherman went to Robbinston and got a load of wood. Bertha and Frank Dwelley were to see me this A. M. before I was dressed. She is a dear, I loved her ever since she was a little girl with curls hanging down her back, with her beautiful dark eyes and curls, she always made me think of a picture. [Bertha was a daughter of Thomas Edward and Dora (McGraw) Frost]

24 - MONDAY: Rained and snowed a little. Leota took the children to school, but the teacher didn't come until the P. M., so she brought them back. The German and little wife were in. I asked her what she called ''cat'' in German and she said ''kat-zer''. I told her when Muriel was a little girl she used to stretch out her arms and wiggle her fingers and say ''cutter, cutter'' when she called her kitty. She said that is the old fashioned German way of saying kitty. My baby was speaking German and we didn't know it. [The German couple lived at Carlow Flats up on Breakneck. Ted and Ilse Junemann left the area before WWII.]

25 - TUESDAY: Rained very hard and wind blew hard, too. Blew the horse stable door off the track. Got a letter from Lindsay [Varnum] saying there is 3 inches of snow in Conn. As for a home, he wouldn't give an acre of the land in Alexander for a whole state, so rocky. Rock wall fences 5 ft. high.

26 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful day, no snow! Annie went up to attend the Ladies Aid, met at Ella Flood's home. Grange night, Leota and Nelson went. Della went to Calais with Nelson. Harvard cut wood. Arthur has a bad cold and stayed in the house the greater part of the day. This is Annie's 69th birthday. Teacher, Mrs. White gave Barbara her music lesson, also gave Genevieve her lesson after supper. We sang Whispering Hope, It's very pretty.

27 - THURSDAY: Sunny day. Nelson went to Eastport and Calais. Yola Crosby was in a little while. Effie Cooper came in the P. M. after the mail and told us her mother wasn't any better and that she'd have to be operated upon. Arnold Flood was here for dinner. He's George Flood's son.

28 - FRIDAY: Beautiful sunny day. Leota took the teacher and children to school. Arthur got a call this morning to come to Calais, that Ellery Frost had made up his mind to take the tax deeds the town has against it. Leota went with him, and Harvard to have his teeth filled. Nelson went with wood to Calais this A. M., but came home by way of Meddybemps.

29 - SATURDAY: Beautiful sunny day. Mrs. Flood [Annie] went to Perry to visit her son [Lester Johnson] who is her son by her former husband. Mrs. White taught today to makeup for Monday. Nelson went to Eastport with wood. Sent a letter to my Baby. Lottie Flood Frost married a man by the name of Moore today at night. [Lottie Flood married first Wilsie Frost. Now she married Cornelius Moores of Baileyville]

30 - SUNDAY: Snowed some in the A. M. Mott, Clara, Marian, and Orris were calling. Doris Flood was calling in the evening. Marian said Aunt Ada [Berry] was working for Edie [Edith (Harriman), Smith, Magoon, Eastman, Crouse in the cook house/dining room at the Stowell-MacGregor Mill on Pocomoonshine Lake] and that Lou [wife of Ernest Perkins] was staying at her son Harold's [camp on Pocomoonshine Lake near South Princeton] and that she hadn't been down since she came from Bar Harbor. Manley Bohanon's girl Peggy married one of Ella Brown McGouldrick's sons [It was William McGouldrick that Ella Brown married in 1915, but Ralph McCoubrey that married Emma Bohanon in 1938].

31 - MONDAY: Rained in A. M. and snowed this P. M. Engine not working, tried to get Cecil Hatfield, but was gone. Doris Flood was here for dinner. Leota fried doughnuts. Nelson got the engine to going. Harvard went to the schoolhouse and got the teacher and children (Genevieve and Sherman). Frost coming out of the ground badly. Annie has a bad cold. I played [the piano or the organ in the front room] nearly an hour this P. M. [Dennys River Electric Co-operative was formed on June 30, 1940. Therefore it is unlikely that commercial power was available at this house in 1938. Which leads us to believe that the ‘engine’ was an electric generator to power the churn, and other contraptions on the farm.]



Again we go the Flood home near the Cooper line where Eda Varnum is boarding because of her debilitating arthritis. Through her diary we’ll visit Nelson and Leota, their children Sherman and Genevieve and Nelson’s mother Annie. Harvard Dwelley, the hired man, was Eda’s nephew.

l - TUESDAY: Beautiful day. Leota washed and ironed, also mopped the dining room floor and put up clean curtains. Nelson and Harvard hauled long wood for home use. Annie's cold doesn't seem any better, Arthur's is a little better.

2 - WEDNESDAY: Good and quite bright all day. Leota and Doris Flood went up to Leota's mother's [Evie Cousins on Pokey Road]. Maud Lowe and Yola Lane Crosby were here in the P. M. Mame Love here in the A. M. Marian [Dwelley Cousins] was here in evening making baby clothes (she and Leota) for Ellen Perkins [Vinal’s wife]. She expects the stork soon, so does Doris Hunnewell Keene.

3 - THURSDAY: Snowed some and cloudy rest of the day. Special town meeting today. Leota took Arthur and Della up, and brought her down here [to Floods'] for dinner. The teacher has two new pupils, Hubert [Dwelley's] boy Edwin and Wayne [Dwelley] son Aubrey. Nelson went to Sullivan after grain. Buster's [Arthur Holmes] 15th birthday. Harvard went up home to help celebrate. Ruth, Bertha, and Harold Dwelley were here and R________ H_________. Mrs. White and Della sang Whispering Hope, Beautiful Garden of Prayer and other songs. [Often town meetings in the old days were long and spirited. This special meeting apparently was neither. Della (Ward) Dwelley was married to George, the millman. Della was town treasurer; Arthur was a selectman.]

4 - FRIDAY: Cloudy the greater part of the day. Mrs. White's husband telephoned that he was in Calais and that he would be out and take her home [Grand Lake Stream]. Harold and Evelyn Pottle took her mother [Lizzie Flood] to the doctor this P. M. Harvard washed the harness. Mr. Wilson was down to Sam Cooper's this P. M. [That likely was Bill Wilson of Woodland]

5 - SATURDAY: Beautiful and sunny. Mr. and Mrs. [Charles] Cousins [Leota’s parents] were here this P. M. Sam said Coris wasn't any better. Effie was or is at home with her mother. Leota and Nelson went to Calais, also Harvard.

6 - SUNDAY: Rainy foggy day. Leota, Nelson and children went up to her mother's, came back before supper. Doris Hunnewell Keene gave birth to a 9-lb. boy, Ernest Roger. Been quite a number here at the store. Agnes White and her husband just came from Grand Lake Stream and brought a togue fish. First one I ever saw! They had a bad time on Wapskahegan, it was so icy. Lawrence Flood's wife brought a note from Eva [Seavey] Flood for Annie telling her they were going to have a baby shower for Ira Perkins wife [Doris Seavey, a sister of Eva. Eva was married to Bert Flood]. Caster oil tonight.

7 - MONDAY: Rained and snowed in A. M., cloudy in P. M. Teacher stayed to Doris Flood's for supper. Mr. White went home this morning after breakfast. Doris brought teacher and children as far as her place. Was in bed until about 3 o'clock. Arthur was sick and in bed nearly all day. Leota and Annie churned and got 45 lbs. butter. Ilse Junemann and hubby were here this P. M. Said she got a letter from Germany and one from New York.

8 - TUESDAY: Beautiful day. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lowe and Mr. and Mrs. Noland Perkins were here in the evening. Leota washed, took teacher and children to school. Mrs. Lowe brought me a book of Mrs. Eddy's. Leota has a cold. [Would the book be by Mary Baker Eddy, the leader of the Christian Scientists?]

9 - WEDNESDAY: Good day. Mrs. White gave Genevieve and Barbara their music lessons tonight. Edith Dwelley (Hubert's wife) took the two boys and went to Charlotte yesterday and came back today. She drives a car now (Edgerly's). [This was a strange relationship. Edith Furlong married Hubert in 1930. Olive (Robb) Edgerly was either the wife or widow of Dexter Edgerly of Princeton. Hubert and Olive were married on December 8, 1944] Annie went to Ladies Aid at Linnie's [Leota’s sister, Linnie McArthur]. I planned to go but had a cold. Mott [Dwelley, her brother] is in bed with one. This is Grange night. Yola Lane Crosby is 46 years old. Annie said that Lottie Flood Frost was 50 this year.


Genevieve (above) and Sherman, children of Nelson and Leota (Cousins) Flood.

Images from Irene Carlow McKain

10 - THURSDAY: Nice sunny day. Didn't practice my music today. They said I had a cold, I told them I did not have one. Arthur was out of the house today. Leota and Mrs. White made patchwork. Got a letter from my Lillian. Sent a card to my stick-in-the-mud [Muriel].

11 - FRIDAY: 7 below, not much snow, beautiful day. Arthur's cold doesn't seem to be much better. 9th week of school. Nelson went to Eastport [likely with a truckload of firewood]. Harvard is hauling out wood the German and wife cut. [The German and his wife got groceries at A. W. Flood’s Store. This sentence explains how they paid the bill.] Wind blows quite hard and sounds cold. Leota took the children to school and has gone after them. Will take Mrs. White down to Della's to get check or checks.

12 - SATURDAY: Beautiful sunny day. Leota and Mrs. White made patchwork on the machine. Annie and Genevieve cut out pieces for quilts. Harvard went to Calais with his Juanita [McPheters]. His father (Mott) is sick a-bed. Nelson, Leota, Genevieve and Mrs. White went to Calais, Genevieve had a root taken out of her jaw.

13 - SUNDAY: Nice and sunny all day. Mrs. White and Leota went up on Breakneck visiting the German, Mr. and Mrs. Junemann. Leota took pictures of them, their house and their dog. When they returned, Mr. White came and took her to Jacksonville to stay the night with her mother, coming back in time for school on Monday. Bessie Gillespie, Ann and Clayton Dwelley [from Meddybemps] called. Bertha and Frank Dwelley with their baby Norman were calling in P. M.

14 - MONDAY: Cold and cloudy. Ruth and Wayne [Dwelley] were here last night. We sang Whispering Hope. Snowing hard when they went home.Harvard, Arthur and Leota picked over beans. I practiced an hour on the organ.

15 - TUESDAY: Nice sunny day. Annie and Leota churned. Lyman Strout plowed the roads. Mott is better. Got a letter from my precious stick-in-the-mud. Leota washed. Doris Flood is here this P. M. and Leota is frying doughnuts.

16 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful day. Nelson went to Calais. Harvard hauling out the German's wood on Breakneck. Arthur's cold is better and he picked over beans. Leota cleaned the living room, putting the organ between the bedroom and hall doors. Wrote to Muriel. Mrs. White finished her ''Double Wedding Ring Quilt'' last night.

17 - THURSDAY: Lovely and sunny. Nelson went to Eastport.

Harvard hauling wood out from Breakneck. Leota made filled cookies and jelly cake. Doris Flood and her sister's child were here in the P. M.

18 - FRIDAY: Snowed. Nelson went to Hampden and Bangor after a load of flour and grain, Raymond went with him. Mrs. White looked for her hubby to come and take her up home [Grand Lake Stream].

19 - SATURDAY: Pleasant nearly all day. Mr. White called asking if she was coming to Calais tonight. She went with Nelson and Leota. Leota had teeth filled and Mr. and Mrs. White went to the pictures. Mr. White came home with her, staying the night, and going home on Monday P. M. Russell Perkins married [Helen McPhail of Calais]. Della is sick, high blood pressure (240). Was seeing two objects on Friday. Clara [Mott’s wife] went to the Calais Hospital. neuritis and neuralgia .

20 - SUNDAY: Beautiful day. Lizzie Flood, her daughter Evelyn, and Yola Crosby were here calling in P. M. Della was worse this morning, couldn't see hardly a thing. Ruth [Dwelley, wife of Wayne] came down and telephoned Dr. Cobb and also Meddybemps. Bert Ward came up and took Della to Calais Hospital [Bert was Della’s brother]

21 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. Leota and Annie churned. Leota washed. She stuck a long splinter in her finger.

22 - TUESDAY: Marvelous day. Marian Dwelley and Leota went to Calais and found that her mother (C1ara) who went to the hospital thinking she was neuralgia and neuritis proved to be pneumonia. Her temperature was 101. They returned home and got Mott. He had two special nurses for her. [This was Clara first serious illness and the family was really worried.]

23 - WEDNESDAY: Snowed nearly all day. Harvard and the rest went out to see their mother [Clara] and found that the fever had turned and she was a little better. Aunt Della was better, too. Wrote to my dear Muriel and Lillian. Nelson and Leota went to Grange tonight. Agnes is making herself an apron.

24 - THURSDAY: Cloudy all day. Nelson and Leota went to Calais. Leota was going to have the doctor look at her finger that she stuck a long splinter under the nail as far as the first joint. Doris Flood was here for dinner and brought the children and teacher from school. Cooper's snowplow came as far as here this P. M. Annie went to Gladys [Perkins’] with Doris Flood. Aunt Della was coming home from the hospital today. Teacher gave Barbara [Carlow] her music. Got a letter today from Muriel. This is Sherman's 10th birthday. Snowplow came.

25 - FRIDAY: Snowed. Mrs. White’s husband didn't come for her. Mr. White telephoned her.

26 - SATURDAY: Partly cloudy, fine in A. M. Nelson and Leota went to Calais, Marian and Orris went with them. Velma [(Dwelley) McLeod] and Dana [Dwelley] came from New Jersey and will stay until their mother [Clara who is in the Calais Hospital sick with pneumonia] is better. Leota said when she came home that she is a little better. Ray Bohanon and Mrs. Ferguson were married this P. M. [Laura Ferguson was Ruth Dwelley’s mother. She had been a housekeeper for Ray]

27 - SUNDAY: Clear and sunny in A. M. but snow flurries in P. M. Noland, Gladys and 3 children were here for dinner and supper. No1and and Mrs. White and I had a sing after dinner. Dr. Best of Pembroke was here to see Arthur who has been sick six or seven weeks. Della came home from Bert’s, but is in bad condition.

28 - MONDAY: Snowed little all day. Dana, Marian and Buster came over to get Harvard's car to go out to the Calais Hospital. Their mother has pneumonia. Bungalow of Dreams song sung on the radio. Dana stayed awhile with me, didn't go to Calais. Marian, Velma and Fletcher McLeod said her mother is better.

29 - 1938 IS NOT A LEAP YEAR


MARCH 1938

l - TUESDAY: Snowed some. Dana [Dwelley] here last evening. He came with Harvard's car and said Fletcher [McLeod, Velma Dwelley married him in 1932 after a long, long courtship. Velma and Dana were children of Mort Dwelley, Velma by Eunice (Lane) and Dana by Clara (Dunham)] wanted it to go up to Grand Lake Stream so he could pay the excise tax on his. Snowplow came yesterday P. M. Harold Dwelley was here in P. M.

2 - WEDNESDAY: Cloudy near all day, sun shone just a little bit. Leota took Annie to Ladies aid that met at Bertha Scribner's Teacher gave Barbara a [piano] lesson and walked home, got here as we were eating supper. Annie stayed at Bertha's for dinner and supper. ''Dancing the Prize Waltz'' Doris Flood was here in evening. Frank Dwelley was here at the store, said Bertha was sick, pain in her lung. Clara [Dwelley] is improving rapidly.

3 - THURSDAY: Beautiful sunny day, and it's my precious ''Nightingale's'' [Lillian] birthday, 33 years old. Quite a lot of snow but not as much as the day she was born. Got a nice letter from my Brown Eyes [Muriel]. Dana came this P. M. staying for supper. Said he was returning to New Jersey tomorrow. He is going to Calais to see his mother. Harold and Frank Dwelley, Raymond Flood, Harold Pottle, Lawrence Flood [at store?]

4 - FRIDAY: Beautiful day. Treasurer [Della Dwelley], Selectmen [Noland Perkins, Lester Craft and Arthur Flood], Town clerk [Marshall Berry], Tax collector [Kenneth McPheters] are here to settle town business before Town Meeting Day. Mr. Pike came and set up the new separator after we, the children and I went to bed. Mr. White came for Mrs. White and took her home to Grand Lake Stream.

5 - SATURDAY: Storm, snowed all day and rained some at night.

Snowplow went by some time during the night. Nelson and Leota didn't go to Calais. Harvard went away. Not many at the store. Leota went up to Mott's to help Marion with the cooking.

Marian (Dwelley) Cousins

6 - SUNDAY: Beautiful day. Leota and children went up to her mother's who was 65 years old today. Annie and children went to Sunday School at Mrs. Lowe's. Mr. White, Henry Bagley, and two McLaughlin girls brought Mrs. White back.

7 - MONDAY: Fine sunny day. Selectmen here with A. W. Flood settling up town business. Mr. and Mrs. Cousins came in P. M. to look at the new separator. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Junemann (the German) were here in the P. M. Harvard and the children took Della home after supper.

8 - TUESDAY: Sunny nearly all day. Leota washed. The Selectmen and Treasurer were here again to work on Town Business. Got letters from both of my beautiful daughters. Nelson went to Eastport.

9 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful day. Nelson, Leota, and Doris [Flood] went to Calais. Leota had her finger lanced and found a long piece of splinter that Raymond [Flood] didn't get out.

10 - THURSDAY: Beautiful day. 14 years ago today at 5 o'clock my Dear One [husband True Varnum] passed away. Everything seemed to die within me that night. I can't believe he's dead, but gone away for a little while, then I’ll join him.

11 - FRIDAY: 8 below, fair clear and cold. Teacher didn't go [home this week], worked on her quilt.

12 - SATURDAY: Good day. Nelson and Leota and Mrs. White went to Calais. Mr. White was in Calais and came back with Mrs. W. Stayed until Monday morning.

13 - SUNDAY: Stormy day, snowed hard. Mr. and Mrs. White were at dinner at Doris Floods. Yola and Coburn Crosby were here, had a sing.

14 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. Churned, had 44 lbs. Paul Dwelley came over and got Nelson Flood's car to go after his mother who was at Calais Hospital and I rode as far as Carrie [Varnum’s] and stayed until after supper.

15 - TUESDAY: Beautiful day. Nelson went to Eastport. Born at Calais Hospital to Vera Cousins Paradis a little girl, Myrna Marie, 7 lbs. Took castor oil at night.

16 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful day. Annie went to Ladies Aid which met at Mrs. Albion Carlow's. Quite a few there. Ella Flood, Eva and Doris Flood, Bertha Scribner, Alice Perkins and Annie Flood. Nelson was at home. Harvard hauled out wood on Break Neck.

17 - THURSDAY: Dark day, snowed a little. Leota took children to school and went after them at 4 o'clock. She has been fixing the children's playhouse. Nelson has been working in the store. Harvard was hauling out wood up on Break Neck.

18 FRIDAY: Good day.

19 - SATURDAY: Good day. Nelson and Sherman were at Eastport. Nelson and Leota went to Calais.

20 - SUNDAY: Rainy day. Annie, Genevieve and Sherman went to S. School at Mrs. Lowe's.

21 - MONDAY: Sunny and windy. Leota and Annie churned and washed. Noland Perkins was over to see Arthur about Ellery Frost place.

22 - TUESDAY: Lovely day. Edna McArthur came to board at Arthur Flood's thru mud time. She teaches at North Union school in Cooper. Genevieve's 11th birthday. She and Ilse Junemenn celebrated together, but hers was the 23rd. Mr. J. and she were here for supper and spent the evening. They were very pleased with the dishes Sherman, Genevieve, Leota, Mrs. F. and I gave them. I've been married 40 years today. More snow that day than now. Orris, Marion, and Alberta [McArthur] were here in evening. G-- got a lot of presents. Leota cleaned the house thru. [Edna McArthur was a daughter of Fay and Bertha (Cheney) and lived with them on the McArthur Road. She married John Hood in 1950.]

23 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful day. Edna, Leota, Nelson and Harvard went to Grange with the truck, too muddy for pleasure cars. Mr. Pike from Lubec and three others were at Grange.

24 - THURSDAY: Very foggy in A. M., but lifted and sun shone brightly in P. M. Roads are very muddy.

25 - FRIDAY: Beautiful day, but quite cool this morning. Edna is going home tonight. Harvard is hauling wood on Break Neck and Nelson is hauling wood from there. Sherman took his Uncle Lyston [Frost's] dog home this P. M. Leota washed my hair and put waves in.

26 - SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Harvard took off the double windows. Leota and Nelson went to Calais tonight. 1-15 W E E I Boston Phil. [Does that all refer to a radio station?] George Card died this A. M. [George William Card, born 1863, was a resident of Meddybemps, but was born in Alexander one of the 18 children of Charles and Hannah (Lamb) Card]

27 - SUNDAY: Snowed nearly all day. Edna McArthur, teacher at North Union came back. Roads so bad that she walked from Walter Henderson’s. Took Castor-oil tonight.

28 - MONDAY: Sun nearly all day. Town Meeting. Annie, Arthur and Nelson went but Leota, Harvard and I stayed home. Churned and washed. Edna, Leota and Nelson were calling on friends this evening. George Card was buried yesterday, he was 76 yrs. old. Harvard came this morning. [Those elected as town officers were Marshall Berry, clerk; Noland Perkins, Arthur Flood and Lester Craft Selectmen; Noland, Lester and Lyman Strout as assessors and overseers of the poor; Bert Flood, tax collector; Della Dwelley as treasurer; Harold Cousins, Lyston Frost and Raymond Flood on school committee; Fay McArthur as constable; Mel Hunnewell as Road commissioner and Lyman Strout as health officer. Article 22 asked voters to raise and appropriate money for repairs to various roads in town, $250 for Cooper Road, $125 for Flat Road, $75 for Thomas Long Road, $75 for Alfred Perkins Road (now Robb Hill Road), $125 for Pokey Lake Road, $25 for E. T. Berry Road and $100 for Arm Road.]

29 - TUESDAY: Snowed. Belle Carlow Ireland is not feeling so well today. Les Worrell was here at the store and Sam Cooper. Leota is making patch-work with Annie for the Ladies aid that meets at Doris Flood's tomorrow. Nelson went to Eastport with Harold Pottle.

30 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny day. Ladies Aid at Doris Flood’s. Annie went and little Sherman took his wheelbarrow and took his Grammie's box of work up for her and visited with Bernard and Paul [sons of Raymond and Doris]. Genevieve visited North Union School and wrote two spelling lessons and ranked 100% in each. One was 8th grade! Genevieve and Sherman as residents of Alexander attended Cedar School at the top of Gooch Hill; Agnes White was their teacher] Harvard and Nelson picked over potatoes this A. M. This P. M. Harvard and Sherman went up on Break Neck to yard wood. Sherman looked so cute on the back of King, the dappled gray horse.

31 THURSDAY: Dark. Stage came with horse and wagon. [not by automobile because of the muddy roads! A local term for the mailman (or woman) was the ‘stage’, a throwback to early mail delivery by the Airline Stage or the stage that went from Calais to Machias via Wesley. These early stages delivered mail to post offices, not homes]


APRIL 1938

l - FRIDAY: Great day. Harold Pottle and Nelson went to Eastport with potatoes.

2- SATURDAY: Lovely day. Harvard, Nelson and Sherman went to Woodland after grain. Genevieve stayed with Marion while they were after grain.

3 - SUNDAY: Partly cloudy. Mrs. Lowe [Maud Howe married Herbert Lowe in 1906], Mrs. Allen [Blanche Howe married Clarence Allen in 1907. Maud and Blanche were daughters of James Winslow and Emma (Flood) Hitchings Howe] and Jack [Eda’s brother Jack Dwelley] were calling. Jack, I thought looked nice, but said he was going to take shots for rheumatism from Dr. Jacob in Princeton. Me. Roads are simply awful. Leota walked up to Uncle Mott's and Marion and Orris went as far as the Four Corners with the car and walked as far as Leota's father's. [Charles Cousins on Pokey Road]


Maude (Howe) Lowe and Annie (Watson) Flood Raymond Flood

4 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. Nelson took the children to school, but brought them back as the teacher Mrs. White didn't come until noon.

5 - TUESDAY: Sunny some of the time and snow squalls. Roads Muddy, MUDDY! Edna walked to school as did Mrs. White, Genevieve and Sherman to their school at Carlows' District. Lyman and Wayne were at the store. Nelson helped Raymond in the wood machine. Harvard picked over potatoes. Leota white-washed, painted and nearly papered Coris Cooper's bedroom.

6 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny and lovely, but mud, MUD. Leota white-washed, papered and painted for Coris Cooper today. Nelson worked for Raymond. Harvard took Arthur and Della up to the Grange Hall this P. M. I sent Clara some Companions to read and she sent me two Good Housekeeping. She was in bed with a little cold and her leg is much better when she stays off her feet. Edna McArthur, Leota and Nelson went to Grange in the evening. Nina brought Aunt Fan a canary. [Laura Jeffery, Fannie Dwelley and Nina Haynes were sisters, daughters of Frank and Martha ‘Angie’ (Bailey) Fenlason of Crawford and Princeton. The three girls were born in Princeton]

7 - THURSDAY: Beautiful sunny day. Wood machine here today.

Raymond Flood, Harold Pottle, Dale Crosby besides Nelson and Harvard here for dinner. Got a lovely long letter from my beautiful Nightingale. 0h, how glad I was to get it. Stage came with horse and wagon. Mrs. White gave Genevieve her music lesson and she played well.

8 - FRIDAY: Sunny nearly all day. Leota worked for Coris Cooper.

Edna is going home tonight. Mrs. White is planning to teach tomorrow to make up for Monday. Annie made my curtains this P. M. I tied the ends, baisted the hems in half the curtains and sewed the ends to the four tie-backs. Nelson went to Eastport with potatoes.

9 - SATURDAY: Snowed 6 or 7 inches and rained. Received telegram from Muriel this A. M. saying she was well but busy, and would write next week. Got package. from Sears and Roebuck. My lungs feel badly today. Never had them feel this way before. Nelson and Leota went to Calais with Raymond and Doris [Flood]. Mrs. White got a phone call from her hubby Saturday Night. Leota got me the prettiest cup and saucer, cream and pitcher, and cereal dish for my tray. She is such a thoughtful kid.

10 - SUNDAY: Snowed, rained, and was sunny in P. M. My lungs feel so badly I lay abed nearly all day. Leota walked as far as Carlows' schoolhouse to meet Edna when she came back from Walter [Henderson's]. Left the car and walked until she met Leota. Henderson Swamp where meadow Brook intersects with the Cooper Road must have been impassible for automobiles.

Henderson Swamp - 1938

11 - MONDAY: Beautiful and sunny. Arthur and Nelson went to Calais. Harvard is working on Break-Neck. Annie and Leota churned [butter] and printed 48 lbs. Washed afterwards. I'm feeling better so I played on the organ the first time in 3 or 4 days.

12 - TUESDAY: Good day. Harvard worked on Break Neck. Nelson went up on BN and got some pieces of birch. Leota went down to Coris Cooper's and finished painting, etc. Got a letter from Muriel saying why she didn't write was because she was so driven with work. Was only getting 6 hours of sleep.

13 - WEDNESDAY: Fine day after the fog lifted. Annie attended Ladies' Aid at Alice Perkins’. Ruth Dwelley was there. They are going to have a ''Surprise Party'' on Ray's birthday, Apr. 20th. Kathleen [Worrell] is still going to school up town. Wrote to my dear Stick in the Mud [Muriel].

14 - THURSDAY: Sunny and warm after the fog disappeared. Maud Lowe and sister Blanche Allen were calling in P. M. Yola Crosby called in evening. Nelson went to Calais. Wrote to my dear Nightingale [Lillian]. Sent a birthday card and present to Sister in So. Princeton [Olive Dwelley married Fred Taylor].

15 FRIDAY: Cloudy. Nelson went to Eastport with potatoes.

16 SATURDAY: Beautiful sunny day. In bed all day with bad cold. Never had my lungs feel so badly. Harvard walked as far as Walter [Henderson's] and then took his car from there.

17 - SUNDAY: Sunny, but not as good as yesterday. Was in bed all day and pulse 64. Castor oil.

18 - MONDAY: Nasty cloudy day. In bed all days lungs feel somewhat better. Put in Mrs. Campbell's quilt who lives in Machias. Edna McArthur came last night.

19 TUESDAY: Partly cloudy in A. M., sunny in P. M. Coburn Crosby went to Calais. Mrs. Carlow, Mrs. Lowe, Yola Crosby, and Alice Perkins are here quilting this P. M. Harvard took horses up to Walter's this A. M. Got letters from both my dear girlies and both were well.

Eda (Dwelley) Varnum with Lillian and Muriel

20 WEDNESDAY: Sunny, but quite a wind. Arthur had a dizzy spell this morning at the barn. Annie is going to try to finish Mrs. Campbell's quilt today. Raymond Flood and his wood machine is here. Dale Crosby, Harold Pottle, Nelson and Harvard besides Raymond are helping. Leota is washing this P. M., cooked in A. M. Lungs don't feel as well as they should.

21 - THURSDAY: Sunny and warm. Arthur had a spell in the barn this morning and another after breakfast. Boys (Nelson and Harvard) are splitting wood in A. M. and hauled hay from Sullivan's barn. In the evening, Leota, Edna and Mrs. White went down to watch Coburn Crosby's brush fire [Had Coburn removed the brush banking from his house?]. Genevieve took the boughs off the flower garden and it looks real green. Grass is beginning to get green around the buildings. Finished quilting Mrs. Campbell's quilt this P. M.

22 - FRIDAY: Cloudy, looks like rain. Rained some. Nelson and Harvard have been hauling hay again today. Guess Arthur had another spell this morning for the worse and telephoned to Dr. Miner [Walter Miner of Calais]. Expecting him any minute now. Nelson had to meet Dr. Miner below Carlow's with span of horses and truck wagon. 12:00 and Dr. Miner just got here. Arthur not so well tonight.

23 - SATURDAY: Lovely sunny day, not much wind. Mrs. White's husband came this P. M. Arthur is better today. Noland [Perkins] and Wayne [Dwelley] were here right after dinner. Arthur and I signed Della's Excise Bond. Wayne said he couldn't see that she was much better. Things look blurred to her. Ruth [Dwelley] went to Calais to see the doctors (Cobb and Day)[likely Norman Cobb, MD and Francis Day Chiropractor]. Roads a little better. Coris Cooper was in this P. M. Mrs. White and husband after supper went down and spent the evening with them. Leota and Nelson spent the evening somewhere.

24 - SUNDAY: Sunny day, warm. Arthur not so well. Gladys and Noland came over and were here for dinner and supper. Nelson was going to take them home, got as far as Hubert's and couldn't get any farther. Too much mud! Mrs. White's husband went home after breakfast. She walked as far as Les [Worrell's i.e. Gooch Hill] hill with him. Blistered her heel and so did Leota walking from here to Mott's. Went up to her mother's with Marion. Heard Harvard [Dwelley] and Juanita [McPheters] were engaged and that Lawrence McArthur and Arline Perkins were going to be married.

25 - MONDAY: Cloudy, looks like rain. Churned, but didn't wash. Harvard is dragging the road. Annie thinks Arthur had another spell: not so well today. Got medicine from Dr. Miner yesterday. Herb Lowe Is dragging the road on this end. Doris Flood was in this A. M. Mrs. McArthur died at 6 o'clock tonight. [Lillie Gertrude (Perkins) McArthur, wife of Robert]

26 - TUESDAY: Sunny with some wind. Herb Lowe is burning his blueberry land, Nelson also. Got letters from Muriel and Lillian. Clinton Flood brought his mother [Ella Lehan Flood], Noland and Gladys over to see Arthur. Mabel Perkins, Arthur's half sister, is here. Lives in Calais since her buildings burned. [The perkins place was off the Green Hill Road,beyond Coopers’]

27 - WEDNESDAY: Coburn Crosby is burning his blueberry land this P. M., Nelson is helping him. Mabel [Perkins] is visiting Doris [Flood] and Lizzie Flood this A. M. Harvard said his mother had gained 20 lbs. since she came home from the Hospital. [Clara must have been skin and bones when she came from the hospital; she weight got to 100 pounds only once, when pregnant!]

28 - THURSDAY: Cloudy the greater part of the day, rained toward night. Agnes White, the teacher in Carlow District didn't have school in P. M. She played at Mrs. McArthur's funeral that was at the church. Carrie Varnum and Marjorie Hunnewell sang. Carrie sang alto. Arthur sat up 2 or 3 hours. Leota's 107 chickens came today and I had 2 quarts of maple syrup from Muriel that was sent from Vt.

29 - FRIDAY: Cloudy in A. M. Ray Bohanon and Mell Hunnewell were in to see Arthur this A. M. Dr. Day is coming to see him at 12:30. Lyman is going to meet him at Walter [Henderson's] and bring him over. Mrs. White has a bad cold. Ray said Pearl (his wife) walked over to Ruth's with him. [Ruth (Ferguson) Dwelley being Pearl's daughters ]

30 - SATURDAY: Cloudy all day. Nelson and Leota went to Calais. Mr. White telephoned and was talking with his wife Agnes. Edna taught school today to make up for the day she took to go to her grandmother's funeral.


MAY 1938

1 - SUNDAY: Cloudy nearly all day, sun shone a few minutes in P.M. Agnes took supper with Doris Flood. Lester Johnson from Perry (Annie's son) came up to see Arthur who isn't any better. Went home after supper. Evelyn and Raymond Flood in to see Arthur, also Mott Dwelley, Orris and Marion Cousins and Buster in the evening.

Neighbor Doris (Wood) Flood, Raymond’s wife

2 - MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Eva and Doris Flood were here in P. M. Eva gave me my tax bill, $5.50 on my blueberry land. Harvard came very nearly breaking legs. Mr. [Herm] Hansen and Grace were calling in the evening. children were hanging May baskets.

3 - TUESDAY: Beautiful day. Got a lovely letter from my Muriel, also one from [my sister] Ollie Dwelley Taylor [in South Princeton].

4 - WEDNESDAY: Beautiful day, but cool. Fay Mcarthur called to see Arthur. Edna went home with him, coming back in morning. Genevieve has a bad cold, is hoarse. Mrs. White has a cold.

5 - THURSDAY: Lovely and sunny, but quite a wind. Got a Motherly Day card from my White Lily [daughter Lillian] and a pretty dress, comb and carnation to wear in my hair on Sunday, Mothers' Day. Gladys [Perkins] here in A. M. went home at 2 P. M. Sam and Corice Cooper were calling on Arthur this P. M. Wrote to Lily, mailed 3 letters, 1 to Ollie, l to Muriel, 1 to Lily. Lots of fires.

6 - FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. Eva Cooper Perkins was here in P. M. and Lee Howe. Evelyn Magoon's husband (Mr. Sharp) was here trying to sell cemetery lots to Arthur. Edna brought me home some white violets, Genevieve got me some blue ones, and showed me a strawberry blossom. Leota is cleaning house.

7 SATURDAY: Cloudy in A. M. Mrs. Morrison was here to see Arthur. Got a lovely pin and Mothers' card from my Stick-in-the-Mud who is teaching English at Bellows Falls, Vt. Genevieve and Sherman picked some blue violets and ivory plums. Leota and Nelson went to Calais. Mrs. White went to Calais with Raymond and Doris. Arthur had another shock, the worst he's had. All the men from Herb Lowe's to Harold Pottle’s were gone. Yola Crosby came up and stayed until Mrs. White came from Calais. [Mrs. Morrison Lived in Charlotte and drove the stage, i. E. the mail]

8 - SUNDAY: Beautiful day. Mabel Perkins (Arthur's sister), her two daughters Marjory and Muriel, her daughter-in-law Eula Lowe Perkins and baby, Ralph Howe and wife were here in P. M. Dr. Hanson [John Hanson of Machias] here to see Arthur. After supper Mott, Clara, Marion, Orris, and Lue came. Lue [Luella Perkins] intended to go back to Bar Harbor tomorrow to work this summer. Mothers' Day dress Lily sent me for was too small, I wanted to wear it so much. It was so pretty.

9 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. Fred Watson, wife and brother came up from Perry to see Arthur, stayed for dinner and supper. Harold Cousins was in to see him in P. M. In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. [Charles] Cousins, Orris, Marion, Mrs. White, Mrs. Calligan [from Grand Lake Stream], Carter White, and son. Walter Henderson was at the store, but thought he'd call later to see Arthur. Orris took Nelson's car over home to work on. Gladys Perkins came with Edna McArthur when she went to school in North Union. [Fred was Annie’s brother, his wife was Minnie]

Charles Cousins at home on the Pokey Road

10 - TUESDAY: Cloudy, rained some. Leota washed and cleaned Genevieve's room and put curtains on stretcher. Mr. Sam Holway and Mr. Smith that looks after Mr. H-. land were in to Arthur about wood.

11 - WEDNESDAY: Rained. Doris went to Meddybemps.

12 - THURSDAY: Rained. Mr. and Mrs. Admiral Watson and Charles came in A. M. stayed the night and went back to Perry the next P. M. [Was the Admiral Annie’s brother Fred? Charles was Fred and Annie’s brother]

13 - FRIDAY: Rained.

14 - SATURDAY: Rained. Mr. and Mrs. [Charles] Cousins were here. Mrs, White went to Calais with Raymond and family. Harvard went away for the weekend. Nelson and children went to Mrs. Cousins for supper. Donald Frost and Helen Stanhope were married tonight. Frank Dwelley and wife [Bertha (Frost)]stood up with them. Ruth Dwelley was here. Arthur had another shock or spell.

15 - SUNDAY: Rained, Mabel Perkins and Eula were here to see Arthur. Mott and Clara were at Woodland visiting Rena and Shell Hunnewell.

16 - MONDAY: Rained, and then sun shone some. Doris here in early P. M. Orris and Marion came over with Nelson's car, and want Leota to take them back. Leota is papering cellarway. She took supper with her mother. Ilse and Ted were here in the P. M. brought some mail to be mailed tomorrow. Had pancakes with Vt. maple syrup for supper and they were grand. I played real well on the organ. Arthur is about the same.

17 - TUESDAY: Rained some. Got a letter from my dear Muriel. Wrote to her this P. M. Leota took teacher and children to school. Arthur sat up a little while. Doris was here. Harvard hauled a load of gravel from Ellery Frost's gravel pit and put it on the garage road. George Flood helped Nelson kill a beef. Kathleen [Worrell] came back to this school [Cedar School, she had been ‘up town’ at Hale School]. Mac is at the hospital. Corice Cooper here in evening.

18 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny all day. Nelson went to Hampden after grain.

Fannie Dwelley was here today, looks fine. Bertha and baby were in a few minutes this evening. Harvard was picking up the rubbish around the buildings and hauling it up in the field. Mr. Arthur Hayward [of Princeton, he was the widower of Jennie Lane, Yola Crosby’s oldest sister] was here this P. M. Doris left tonight. Arthur sat up a long while today.

19 - THURSDAY: Beautiful day. Walter and Maud Strout were here in late P. M. Della and Ruth Dwelley in A. M. Gladys came in the A. M. and stayed until Edna McArthur came from her school in North Union. Wrote to my dear Baby but didn't hear from her. Corice Cooper was in to get mail and inquire about Arthur. Agnes walked as far as Della's and got a ride with Sam and Corice.

20 - FRIDAY: Sun shone a little in the morning, but then it rained. Les [Worrell] in to see Arthur. Nelson went to Eastport with wood. Arthur not feeling good today, heart weak. Noland thinks he should be told what the doctors said about him, so if he had any business to settle, he could look after it. Noland was here this morning. Leota took children to school and went to C. L. [Brown’s store next to the Grange Hall] to get some turpentine. Carter White came and took his wife home to Grand Lake Stream for the weekend.

21 - SATURDAY: Sunny most of the day. Nelson and Harvard took young stock to Mame Gould's pasture. Genevieve stayed with her cousin [Florence or Shirley Cousins, daughters of Ronald] in Meddybemps until they came back from Charlotte. Annie Sullivan, RN. and her niece Maggie Gillespie Bridges White here in P. M. Maggie married Dr..White (dentist) after she was divorced from [Casseus] Bridges, lives in Cambridge, Mass. Leota whitewashed, cleaned, took up the old carpet, and repaired it with a new linoleum in Agnes's room. [Mame Gould was Herbert Lowe’s sister; she was married to Jim Gould and they lived in the Lowe family home, known as the Fisher house near Blanchard Corner, Charlotte]

22 - SUNDAY: Sunny, but cool wind. Carrie and Adla [Varnum] and Ella Flood called; also Lester Johnson and wife, Herb Lowe and wife. Teacher Mrs. White came down from Grand Lake Stream to Edna McArthur's, spending the night with her and coming to school when Edna went to her school in North Union.

23 - MONDAY: Beautiful and sunny, but cool breeze. Had Dandelion Greens for dinner and supper, first we have had. Ted Junimann (German) was down from Break Neck in P. M. Harvard plowed in A. M. and P. M. Nelson bought Della's manure spreader today. Harvard, Mrs. Flood (Annie) Mrs. White, Genevieve and Sherman went to Calais. Annie to see the doctor about her arm.

24 - TUESDAY: Sunny with cool wind. Didn't get any letters from my girlies.

25 WEDNESDAY: Quite pleasant. Leota cleaned kitchen.

26 THURSDAY: Pleasant. Leota cleaned the living room.

27 - FRIDAY: Sunny and quite warm. Gladys came in A. M. Alice Webb (Annie's daughter from Gardiner) her son and daughter came just before supper. Got a letter from Bertha thanking me for the carving set.

28 - SATURDAY: Sunny nearly all day, but in P. M. rained and thundered. Charles Watson and a Miss Davis came this A. M. Leota and Nelson went to Calais. Agnes (teacher) went to Calais with Doris Flood. Carter, her husband, met her in Calais. They went to Grand Lake Stream, won't be returning until Monday night, Linnie and Ralph MacArthur called in the evening. Alice [Webb] called on Yola.

29 - SUNDAY: Sunny A. M. Wayne [Dwelley] was at the store this A. M. Leota and children went up to her mother's.

30 - MONDAY: Beautiful sunny day. Leota and children took me out to the cemetery and Aunt carriers. Found flowers Lily had put there on her father's grave. I found Aunt R. sick in bed. Stayed to dinner, then Leota came saying Lizzie Brown wanted me to come up there in P. M. When I got as far as the cemetery I saw Jack [her brother Jack Dwelley from Princeton] standing by a car, talking. Leota stopped and I looked in the car and there was my darling ''Stub''. Was I glad to see her. [Here is another nickname, Stub must have been Lily, Eda’s daughter Lillian]

31 - TUESDAY: Lovely sunny day. Leota let Lily and me have the car to go down to Uncle L.'s and Aunt Della's. [Uncle Llewellyn Dwelley died in 1937 according to his gravestone. George Dwelley’s widow Della (Ward) lived by Dwelley’s Lake] Had a marvelous time, staying for dinner, playing the piano and singing. Came back to Floods' about 4 o'clock. After supper Lily helped wash dishes and Leota, Mrs. White, Genevieve and Sherman took her to Ayer's Junction to take the train for Boston. Linnie and Ralph were over.


JUNE 1938

JUNE l - WEDNESDAY: Grand sunny day, but very hot. Mrs. White was invited to Leota Worrell's for supper and stayed all night.

JUNE 2 - THURSDAY: Fine sunny day, but quite a wind. Doris Flood and Corice Cooper were here.

JUNE 3 - FRIDAY: Cloudy. Last day of school; teacher goes home with Edna. Raymond took his truck, took the teacher, parents and scholars to Calais where Mrs. White was going to take the pupils to the movies.

JUNE 4 - SATURDAY: Nice sunny day. Leota and Genevieve took the teacher (Mrs. White) up to Fay McArthur's to go up to Grand Lake Stream (home) with Edna when she goes after her father who is working on Frank McArthur's house. Shirley Lowe Chapman, husband and child came from Virginia to visit her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Lowe.

JUNE 5 - SUNDAY: Long lonely dark day. Yola Crosby came in the evening. Arthur isn't any better. Quite a few at the store. Harold Dwelley came to see me in A. M. He is working for his uncle Jack Dwelley in Princeton. He plans to put in 7 or 9 acres of potatoes. Have two acres in now. Rained tonight.

Yola (Lane) & Coburn Crosby with son Dyer

JUNE 6 - MONDAY: Partly cloudy with occasional sprinkles of rain. Churned and Leota said she had 52 lbs. Arthur not so well today. Lester (Annie's son by her former husband) was here for dinner. He lives in Perry, Maine. Leota and Genevieve are working in the flower garden this P. M. Harvard and Nelson are cleaning out the cellar. Can't plant potatoes because the grounds too wet.

JUNE 7 TUESDAY: Lovely day. Arthur's first trip to Lubec to see Dr. Hamden Stephenson.

JUNE 8 - WEDNESDAY: Fine day. Arthur didn't go to Lubec.

JUNE 9 - THURSDAY: Beautiful day. Arthur and Annie got Herb Lowe's son-in-law to drive them down to Lubec to see Dr. Stephenson.

JUNE 10 - FRIDAY: Good day. Arthur, Annie, Orris Cousins and I went to Lubec to see Dr. Stephenson.

JUNE 11 - SATURDAY: Good day nearly all day, rained a little when we were coming home from Lubec. Orris Cousins drove us down to see Dr. Stephenson.

JUNE 12 - SUNDAY: Pleasant in A. M. Shower in P. M. Mrs. Calder, her son and his wife, Herb Lowe, his daughter Shirley and her husband, Lizzie Flood and daughter Evelyn were calling after supper. Calder of Perry or ministers wife????

JUNE 13 - MONDAY: Rainy in A. m., sunny in P. M. Harvard drove Arthur, Annie and me down to Lubec to see Dr. Stephenson. Mr. Crocker (runner for men's clothing store from New York) stayed all night. Leota, Genevieve and Sherman drove to Grand Lake Stream to have her music lesson and Leota to take butter to Mr. Southerland. [Southerland ran the store in GLS and purchased butter from the Floods]

JUNE 14 - TUESDAY: Lovely day. Orris Cousins was chauffeur for Arthur and me today, driving us to Lubec so we could take our treatments from Dr. Hampden Stephenson.

Orris Cousins, ca 1990

JUNE 15 - WEDNESDAY: Good day. Marion drove the car to Lubec to take Arthur, Annie and me to Dr. Stephenson.

JUNE 16 - THURSDAY: Foggy a little in A. M. Marion was chauffeur again today.

JUNE 17 - FRIDAY: Rain and foggy, Orris was chauffeur. Thought it too for Marion to drive. He carried me up and down the stairs at Dr. S's office.

JUNE 18 - SATURDAY: Good day. Marion drove to Lubec again today.

JUNE 19 - SUNDAY: Rained in A. M, cloudy in P. M. Ellie Watson Carlow came from Steuben with her step-daughter, Elsie Carlow Killum.

JUNE 20 - MONDAY: Good day. Arthur, Annie and Gladys went to Lubec to see Dr. Stephenson. Marion Cousins was the chauffeur. I wrote to my dear Baby [Lillian].

JUNE 21 - TUESDAY: Lovely day, but hot. A-, A- Genevieve and Marion went to Lubec. Got a postcard from Muriel saying don't look for me until I appear. My lovely dark-eyed girlie's birthday (1903).

JUNE 22 - WEDNESDAY: Great day, but hot. They went to Lubec again, Gladys, too. Clara came with Marion and would have gone but G- was going so she spent the day here. Orris Cousins' 27th birthday (1911). Mr. and Mrs. Cousins, Mott and Clara, Marion and Orris came in evening. Clara brought candy that she made and Leota made sponge cake and two kinds of ice-cream.

JUNE 23 - THURSDAY: Sunny and hot. Della went with A. and A, Sherman and Marion to Lubec. Hope my Muriel came today.

JUNE 24 - FRIDAY: Hot! Rained and hailed a little in P. M. Marion Cousins and Winifred Holtz went with Arthur and Annie. Muriel hasn't shown up yet. Guess she took my advice and is going to rest a few days before coming home.

JUNE 25 SATURDAY: Cloudy nearly all day. Orris drove to Lubec. Maud Lowe went with Arthur and Annie. Marion and Paul came over before Orris returned from Lubec. Leota and Nelson are going to Calais tonight. My dear ''Stick-in-the-Mud'' hasn't come yet. Sammie and Corice Cooper were in to see Arthur after supper. Were going down to Cooper Grange.

JUNE 26 - SUNDAY: partly cloudy all day. Leota and children went to Sunday school and Church. Little Aubrey came to see me this morning. Noland and Gladys came home with Leota staying for supper and going back with Mott, Clara, Marion and Orris who were here in evening. Ruth Perkins, Harold's wife, was bitten by Clinton Flood's dog, tearing her so she had to borrow a dress to go home.

JUNE 27 - MONDAY: Very good day. Marion drove for Arthur and Annie when they went to Lubec to see Dr. Stephenson. George Yates, Ruby Cousins' son, is here visiting Genevieve and Sherman, will stay all night and tomorrow. Got a post card from Muriel written from Portland on Sunday. Maud Lowe and Herb called last night, also Fannie Dwelley. Genevieve and Sherman picked 2 qts. strawberries and I helped hull them.

JUNE 28 - TUESDAY: Partly cloudy. [Leo] Gayton, the candy man, was here this PM. Nelson to Eastport. Arthur and Annie didn't go to Lubec. Hope to see my dear Muriel soon. Mrs. Morrison is back from her vacation and was driving the mail today.

JUNE 29 - WEDNESDAY: Good day. Marion drove the car to Lubec. Arthur, Annie, Clara Dwelley and Mrs. Cousins went with her. Marion and Clinton Flood saw Muriel on the street in Calais yesterday morning and she hasn't been over to see me. Perhaps she may come tonight. I'm looking for Ilse and Ted Junemann down tonight. Nelson, Sherman and George Yates went to Calais. I wrote the words to two songs out of the Hymn Book. Mrs. Cousins, Clara, Marion Dwelley were at Annie's for supper.

JUNE 30 - THURSDAY: Beautiful and sunny. Harvard mowed the front lawn.

Didn't get any letter from my dear Baby today and Muriel hasn't appeared yet. Must be at her Uncle Earl's

JULY 1938

Leon and Bertha (Chandler) Scribner lived at 1288 Airline Road. Living in that household were Bertha’s niece and nephew, Winifred and Billy Holst, plus Leon’s father Mott whose wife Lelia (Craft) had died in 1927.

We will meet many members of the Varnum family during the next six months. True’s brother Lindsay, a bachelor, lived at 22 South Princeton Road. His brother Earl lived at 989 Airline Road, Hillside Farm. Earl’s wife was Eda’s sister Carrie. Carrie and Earl had several children, Adla and Bert were not married, Adla taught in Bingo section of Waite. Alice was married to Coburn Williams of Waite and their son was Dale. Albert was married to Margaret and they lived in Milltown with their son Ken. Vesta was married to Matt Duffy and lived in Massachusetts. Sumner was married and also lived in Massachusetts.

1 - FRIDAY: Orris Cousins was chauffeur for Arthur, went to Lubec to see Dr. Stephenson; Mott Dwelley went with them. Muriel and Adla came this P. M. staying just a short time; said they had to go up to Waite to get Bert's car and was going to call on McK----. Nelson went to Eastport. Harvard went up to McPheters, I suppose.

Juanita McPheters Dwelley, after the wedding

2 - SATURDAY: Rainy lonely day. Muriel and Adla came in the P. M. and took me over to Ray [Bohanon's] to see about his wife boarding me this year, that is after Muriel's vacation is over. Got a letter from my blessed Baby and one from Agnes White. Nelson, Leota and children are going to Calais to the circus.

3 - SUNDAY: Showery. Annie, Leota and children went to Church and Sunday school. While they were gone Mame Gould of Charlotte and Mrs. Will Leland called. Arthur is much improved since taking the treatments of Dr. Hampden Stephenson of Lubec.

4 - MONDAY: Showery. Uncle Earl's folks, Uncle Lindsay, Muriel and I out to Albert's [in Milltown] for dinner. Muriel and Adla came over to Floods' with truck to move me and my belongings to Bertha Scribners. I shall stay the summer vacation at least until Muriel resumes her teaching at Bellows Falls, Vt.

5 - TUESDAY: Beautiful day. Bertha and Adla started for New Hampshire and Mass. to visit Vesta (Varnum) and Matt Duffy, her husband, and Bertha to visit her brothers and sisters. Carrie Ryan's daughter Helen and grandson John were here to see me. Leon went to Woodland with cream.

6 - WEDNESDAY: Fine day. Made a mistake. It was today that Bertha and Adla started for New Hampshire and Mass.

7 - THURSDAY: Beautiful Day. Ella [Flood, her daughter-in-law], Doris and twins [Jean & Joan] were calling on me this P. M. They are very cute, Joan especially who is the larger. Ella looks very old and wrinkled [Ella was 63]. Muriel had quite a job cleaning up the ''oil stove'' today. Didn't get any letter from my dear Baby. Leon got a card from Bertha.

8 - FRIDAY: Beautiful day, hot.

9 - SATURDAY: Hot and muggy. Winnie got a card from Bertha. Leon went to Calais. Gladys [(Johnson) Perkins who lived on the McArthur Road. Gladys, Noland’s wife, was Annie (Watson) Flood’s daughter by her first marriage.] went with him, also Billy.

10 - SUNDAY: Beautiful, but warm in the P. M. with showers. Winnie went to Church. Muriel is out on the back porch writing. Mott is taking a nap. After supper Mrs. Hattie Greenlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Bill McWilliams and brother came. Called on their way from Eastport. Their home is in Calais. Rained very hard when they came and while they were here.

11 - MONDAY: Grand day. Winnie washed. Castor Oi1 day. Never got up until P. M. Winnie and Muriel were calling on Ella and Doris Flood; said the twins were cute. Lindsay Varnum was here this A. M. and told Muriel he was up to his camp getting it ready for her and suggested sending for Louise Ayer of Lincoln, Me. to stay with her for company.

12 - TUESDAY: Rained.

13 - WEDNEDAY: Dark and rained some. Mr. Hanson from Calais was here for dinner. Winnie went to Grange. Olive came last night. [William F. Hanson operated a taxi business on North Street in Calais and speculated on wood lots and pulpwood.]

Leon, Bertha & Mort Scribner, Winnie and Billy Holst

Leon & Bertha (Chandler) Scribner

14 - THURSDAY: Quite warm. Muriel picked a pail of peas and I helped shell them. Billy Holst and Lawrence Frost went to Calais this A. M. to have a speck of iron taken out of his eye. Leon works on the road with his truck every day. Leon went to Woodland tonight. Muriel, Mort, Billy and I heard from Bertha today who is visiting relatives in N. H. and Mass.

15 - FRIDAY: Good day, hot.

16 - SATURDAY: Quite hot with good breeze. Win went to Calais to the pictures. Guy Scribner and little son Louis were here this mornings first time I've seen him for 10 years; Cute little boy. Winnie is mowing the lawn. She got some nice birthday presents from her aunts in New York, sweaters, hankies, etc. Muriel received a letter from Louise Ayer who lives in Lincoln, Me. saying she'd accept the invitation to spend her vacation with her at Uncle Lindsay's camp on the Talmadge.

17 - SUNDAY: Very Hot. Viola White was here for supper. Winnie Holst 17th birthday! Albert Carlow came and took Viola and Winnie over to Grace Dixon's Shore of the lake. Winnie got her face and arms sunburned quite badly. Leota and Marion drove in the yard, but thought we were gone and drove out. Billy McWilliams' wife, two grandsons and brother from Calais, Maine were calling on Mort’s folks.

18 - MONDAY: Rainy. Winnie and Muriel washed. Winnie's friend and James girl from Woodland and a woman also from Woodland, both are good singers.

19 - TUESDAY: Cloudy nearly all day. After dinner Winnie went to Calais with Billy and Ross and Eva Sadler; She bought me a can of powder and Muriel a gift, too. Adla and Bertha didn't come home today.

20 - WEDNESDAY: Cloudy in A. M., sun in P. M. Looking for Bertha and Adla coming from N. H. and Mass. Billy took my letter to Lillian to the P. 0. Leon is working on the road. They, Adla, Bertha, Barbara and Herbert arrived just before supper.

21 - THURSDAY: Cloudy.

22 - FRIDAY: Cloudy part of the day, rained hard at night. Dance night! Herbert, Billy, Winnifred and Barbara went. Carrie, Adla and Muriel were here in the evening.

23 - SATURDAY: Cloudy. Got a letter from my dear Stub and I could see she was homesick. 0h! To be well again and have a home to get ready for my precious girlies when they are tired and want to rest. Bertha, Leon and Barbara went to Calais, also Muriel and Adla in their car.

24 - SUNDAY: No sun. Bertha went to church.

25 - MONDAY: Sunny day. Bertha washed. Ella, Doris and the twins were over in P. M.

26 - TUESDAY: Sunny with quite a breeze. Bertha, Barbara and Adla went joy riding this P. M. Merle Blaney came this P. M. CASTOR OIL. B. & B & A drove to Charlotte, Me. Llewellyn had a shock at 4:30 P. M. and died at 12 o'clock. Couldn't talk. Dr. Cobb came out at 7 o'clock.

27 - WEDNESDAY: Hot sunny day. Harold came this morning telling me his father died at 12 o'clock last night. Had a shock. Adla took her mother and me down this A. M. When we were coming home met Aunt Della in the swamp on her way to Llewellyn's.

28 - THURSDAY: Sun shone nearly all day. Llewellyn's funeral at the Church. Rev. Wentworth preached the sermon. I didn't go, but Carrie and I got a pillow with ''Brother'' on it, flowers with ''Uncle'' for him. The girls (mine and Carrie’s) are going to pay for them. Bert and Adla were here last night and we had grape-nut ice-cream. Adla stayed all night. Barbara was at Uncle Earl's for supper.

29 - FRIDAY: Rainy, dismal day. Leon, Bertha, Barbara and Adla went on a ride to N. B. Dance Night; Winnie and Herbert are dancing, practicing for tonight. We plan to go up to the camp to see Muriel, if they get back in time.

30 - SATURDAY: Sticky and warm. Barbara went to Calais to a dance. Leon, Bertha and Adla went to Calais.

31 - SUNDAY: Sunny and hot. Winnie, Herbert and Billy went to the lake (Dwelleys') with Paul, Buster and Viola. Winnie burned her face quite badly. Adla took Leon's car as Bert had hers and took me over to Ray's to see for a certainty if they had decided to board. They said yes, so I am going to write Muriel and tell her. Hattie Seavey Damon, her husband and the Careys were here after Leon's boat.


l - MONDAY: Very hot in A. M. Bertha washed. Barbara went out to Earl Varnum's to pick some blueberries in the P. M. she and her brother plan to go back to Mass. tomorrow. Adla and Winnie are going to take them as far as Bangor. Bert Varnum came in the evening to Barb. Never went home until after 1 o'clock. Had ice-cream in the evening.

2 - TUESDAY: Sunny with good breeze, Very good hay day. Adla took Barbara and Herbert Newhall to Bangor and Billy and Winnifred Holst. cousins of Barbara and Herbert. Merle Blaney, Marshall Berry and Ross Sadler are helping Leon hay. Noland Perkins and one of Walter Strout's boys are helping Clinton Flood hay.

3 - WEDNESDAY: Hot, Very hot! Had three very bad showers after supper and one or two in the night. Carrie and I were up to Ollie's for dinner, supper and until 9:30 when Bert and Winnie came for us. Winnie took us up in the early A. M.

4 THURSDAY: Very hot. Mott S. got 3 or 4 loads of hay in the barn. Leon worked on the road. After supper Leon, Bertha, Merle Blaney, Winnie and I went up to Lindsay's camp to see my dear Stick-in-the-Mud. I was glad to see her looking more rested and that strained look in her eyes were less. I didn't get a letter from my other dear girlie. Hope she received my two letters.

5 - FRIDAY: HOT, HOT, not much breeze. CASTOR OIL DAY. Leon, Bertha and Adla went to Monouth, Maine to attend the cattle show. Was very pleased to see Wellington Hunnewell from Conn.

6 SATURDAY: Hot, but not so hot as yesterday. I was glad to see Lindsay, called on his way to Earl's. Eva [McArthur] Sadler was here for dinner. Ross Sadler, Merle Blaney and Marshall Berry are helping Mott and Leon haying. I had a very bad night, nerves and heart paining me.

7 - SUNDAY: Lovely and sunny, but quite warm. Winnie and I drove up to see my Muriel. I took milk, butter, beets and carrots to her. Were they surprised! Stayed until after 3 o'clock and then started for home. When we arrived we found Leon, Bertha and Adla had been home 1/2 hour. Muriel said she was going to stay 2 weeks more and I'm glad for she is looking so much better.

8 - MONDAY: Very good for haying. Bertha washed. Leon and Bertha went to Calais after supper to meet Barbara Newhall . Bertha'a niece. when the train came in at 9 o'clock.

9 - TUESDAY: Good part of the day, but rained in the late P. M. After dinner Adla came out and got Barbara and Win to go raspberrying out to her place. They stayed for supper, Adla bringing them home. They are getting ready to go back to Bert's house to have a little dance by themselves in the evening. Lawrence McArthur and bride [Arlene Perkins] were in the yard last night.

10 - WEDNESDAY: Cloudy in A. M. Adla and Carrie are coming out this P. M. and Bertha and Barbara are going up to Lindsay's blueberry ranch to get some to can. Doris Flood's sister who is an R. N. and also married a doctor is now visiting her. [Marilyn and Gordon Sears] They walked up to her grandmother's, Georgie Seaman's in the A.M. for the exercise instead of taking the car.

11 - THURSDAY: Rainy. Adla, Bertha, Barbara and I went up to see my dear girlie at Lindsay's and Earl's camp on the Talmadge. We took vegetables, cream, butter, blueberries, bread blueberry pie, steak, cucumbers, dates and melons. On our way home, we stopped at Carrie’s and had supper. Bert's 24th birthday. I played the piano. Doten was here when we got home.

12 - FRIDAY: Rained. Dance in the Grange Hall. Doten was here testing cows. I took salts.

Alexander Grange #304

13 - SATURDAY: Very good day. Bertha, Adla and Leon went to Calais. Barbara and Winnie went to Calais with Adla's car. Billy went to the pictures with Eva and Ross Sadler. Carrie and Earl went to Machias to see about blueberries. Clinton had his dog killed, had bitten Calvin Perkins again.

14 - SUNDAY: Good day. Earl finished haying on his place. Mott Scribner got in some hay. Matt and Vesta [(Varnum) Duffy] came at noon his place. Matt from Mass.

15 - MONDAY: Rained in A. M. . but sunny in P. M. Barbara took Bertha out to Calais to have the gold put back in her front tooth. Bert Varnum was here in the early P. M. and Carrie, Vesta, Winnie, Alice, and Dale in the late P. M. Vesta looks fine. Winnie went out to help Carrie through the blueberry season.

16 - TUESDAY: Good day. Matt and Vesta went back to Mass. yesterday P. M. In the A. M. Adla, Carrie, Vesta and Matt went up to Lindsay's place to get some blueberries to take back to Mass. Big Thunder and lightning shower at night.

17 - WEDNESDAY: Good in the P. M. Adla, Bertha and I drove up to see Muriel who is still at camp on Talmadge.

18 - THURSDAY: Foggy in the morning, but pleasant in P. M. After dinner Barbara and Bertha took me up to Lizzie Brown's to spend the P. M. Leon, Bertha and Merle came for me in the evening.

19 - FRIDAY: Sunny day. Was out walking around the yard and sat in the big chair and sunned myself. Barb was out to Earl's. She, Win and Billy went to the dance.

20 - SATURDAY: Nice day, hot. Bertha and Leon took a trip to Dexter to visit her brother and his wife who have a camp there. Olive Edgerly came out from Calais with Donald Frost and is here at Bertha's. Carrie and Earl went out to Albert's to spend the weekend.

21 - SUNDAY: Sun is shining this P. M. Adla is going up to the camp on the Talmidge and get Muriel who has been camping with her friend Louise Ayer of Lincoln, Me; for the summer, has returned to her Uncle Earl's to finish her vacation before resuming her duties at Bellows Falls High School.

/22 - MONDAY: Good day. Bertha washed. Olive Edgerly returned to Calais. Billy took Muriel and me over to Ray [Bohanon's] to tell them we had decided it would be unwise to board over there so far from a telephone, P. 0. and Calais. Adla brought Barbara home and took Muriel back with her.

Ray Bohanon and his home on the Arm Road. Note the roundwood tree by the house.

23 - TUESDAY: Good day. Mott cut the clover field. Ben Scribner, his wife and daughter are visiting his sister, Alice Staples. [Ben and Alice are siblings to Mott]

24 - WEDNESDAY: Showered at times all day. Thede Scribner, his brother Ben, wife and daughter Beverly were here for dinner and supper. Barbara took me out to Carrie's in Fay McArthur's car as Billy went away with Leon's and didn't know I wanted to go. Ada brought Barb and me home. Muriel came with us.

25 - THURSDAY: Rainy nearly all day. Cecil Hatfield here for dinner, he is fixing the engine. Tom Long here in P. M.

26 - FRIDAY: Beautiful day. Barbara and Bertha went to Calais right after dinner, came back in time to get supper. Thede Scribner was helping Mott (his brother) hay today. Ina Sbribner was in to see me. This is Mott's 74th birthday, and his [twin] sister's Alice Staples. Took Castor Oi1. Eda. M. Brown walked down from Lizzie's to see me. She has fallen away and looks older than she did last year. She is not working for Ralph Chapman.

27 - SATURDAY: Good day. Thede Scribner and Merle Blaney will help Mott finish haying today. Ben, his brother from Portland, came out after him tonight. Leon, Bertha and Barbara went to Calais. Winnie came home from Carrie's and stayed all night. Barb took the car and took her down Monday morning. Sumner [Varnum's] girl friend came tonight. Adla went to Bangor to meet her.

28 - SUNDAY: Nice and sunny, but windy. Mott, Leon, Bertha, Winnie and Billy all went out to Alice Staples to celebrate Mott, Alice, Ben and Thede's birthdays. Mott and Alice are twins, also Ben and Thede, Mott and Alice's birthday is Aug. 26 and were 74 yrs. old. Ben and Thede Aug. 25, 64 yrs. old. Had their pictures taken. Adla and Muriel came out after me to go out to Aunt Carrie's to spend the day. Albert and family, Coburn and family were there. After supper we had a sing. Margaret (Albert's wife) and I played the piano. 1 blistered my little finger playing.

29 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. Ben Scribner, wife and daughter called on their way home to Portland. In the P. M. Adla, Aunt Carrie, Muriel, Helen and I went up to the Waite to visit Alice Varnum Williams. When coming home, we were about 1 mile from Indian Township road when we ran into a deer. Bent the mudguard in two different places. Adla drove back to the warden's home and reported.

30 - TUESDAY: Fine day. After dinner, Aunt Carrie, Helen and Adla went to Calais. I went with Bertha and Barb as they were going soon after dinner and Muriel wanted to go to the bank and would save them from driving up for me. We were invited to supper at Albert's who lives on Boardman St. Milltown, Me. After supper Albert, Adla and Helen went over to St. Stephen to a ball game. Carrie, Muriel and didn't go.

31 - WEDNESDAY: Cloudy in the A. M. but sunny in the P. M. Carrie came up and stayed with me here at Bertha's while Adla, Muriel, Helen and Bertha picked some blueberries up on Lindsay's place for Alice Varnum Williams to preserve.


l - THURSDAY: funny day, sometimes the sun would shine a few minutes and then be foggy for a while and rain a little. At supper it rained very hard. My dear ''Stick-in-the-Mud'' [Muriel] went away on the train, going back to school in Bellows falls, Vt. She'll stop in Lewiston to see Mary Evans who is just back from France, and also in Medford, Mass. to see Lillian. Adla, Aunt Carrie and Helen took Alice's berries to her this P. M.

2 - FRIDAY: Beautiful and sunny. Mott Scribner who is 74 mowed the side of the road from here to Earl Varnum's with his mowing machine. In the P. M. mowed a piece of grass at Floyd Frost’s old place [across from Randy’s Store on the Airline, Mott used to live there]. Adla and Helen drove in to see Bertha and to tell her Gin [Virginia Wallace and Bert Varnum would marry in 1942] was down there. Dance in the Grange Hall tonight.

3 - SATURDAY: Beautiful day. Adla and Bertha took Barbara and Helen to Bangor to take the train to Boston. Barb teaches in Mass. and Helen is a bookkeeper or stenographer for some company in Medford. Ira Perkins and Lawrence helped Mott get two loads of hay from Floyd Frost's old place. Adla and Bertha got back in time to get supper. Adla stayed all night. Winnie came home for good from Carrie’s, was there 3 weeks. Bert Flood here for money to pay blueberry pickers.

4 - SUNDAY: Rained in A. M., sun shone some in P. M. Adla brought me a check from her father of $50.00 to pay the blueberry pickers. I had only 80 1/2 bushels this year. Will burn next spring. Adla took Bertha to Sunday School and will get the check cashed and give the money to Bert Flood to pay the pickers. Earl's check was $50.00. Paid Bert $46.00. That paid rakers $40.25. Win's sister Martha Holst Bean and husband came this P. M.

5 - MONDAY: Cool windy day. Labor Day celebrated at Woodland, Maine. Bertha, Leon, Billy, Martha and husband went out to Woodland in A. M. to see the parade. I went with Bertha, Leon and Winnie in P. M. Martha and her husband came back with them for dinner and then started for home in NH. I received a sweater and two pair of stockings from Muriel before I went to Woodland. Wore the sweater to Woodland. Lindsay brought Bertha 1/2 bushel of blueberries.

6 - TUESDAY: Sunny and not so cool or windy as yesterday. Leon is working on the road. Bertha washed and picked over blueberries. Muriel's and Adla's schools start today. Lindsay brought Bertha 1/2 bushel blueberries to preserve.

7 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny, but at supper time it rained. Leon went to Crawford after a load of wood in A. M. taking it to Calais in P. M. Olive Edgerly came back with him staying for supper. Leon and Bertha had to take the cream to the train and she went back to Calais as she had the P. M. off.

Olive Edgerly ca 1929

8 - THURSDAY: Sunny but windy. Mott mowed some on Floyd Frost's place. Leon worked on road. Bertha put up 8 qts. mustard pickles. Bertha and Leon attended Harvard's reception. [Harvard Dwelley and Juanita McPheters were married September 4, 1938] She gave them a nest of mixing bowls and I gave them a pair of pillow cases with tatting edge. I wrote to my precious ''Stick-in-the-Mud.''

9 - FRIDAY: Nice sunny day. Arline and Lawrence MacArthur were here, Lawrence helping Mott hay. Doten was here testing cows. Carrie Ryan, Helen, Belle, and Edith Malloy and Eda Stephenson Boyd were calling on Bertha and me. [The five visitors came from Baileyville, Malloy Hill, Staples Road neighborhood]

10 - SATURDAY: Lovely sunny day. Doten went away after dinner. Leon hauled gravel for Baring on the Meddybemps Road. He said they were going to give it two coats of tar. He and Bertha have gone to Calais tonight, Adla is going with them. Olive Edgerly came home with them and plans to teach school at North Union in Cooper and will board with Corice Cooper.

11 - SUNDAY: Sunny day. Olive Edgerly went to Crawford to a baptism with Mrs. and Miss Hayward and a Mr. Gaskell from Calais. Sam Cooper and wife were here in A. M. Earl Perkins, wife, son and his wife were here at supper time. Bertha and Winnie took Olive to her boarding place after supper.

12 MONDAY: Quite pleasant. State election Day. Nelson Flood came down and took me up to the Grange Hall to vote. Lot of trucks hauling gravel for the road that is being constructed by the Lindsay Varnum place at the Four Corners. Leon working on the road out to Baring.

13 - TUESDAY: Rainy day. Almond Frost called to get money for hauling straw for my blueberry land. Learned a new piece called ''Melody of Spring.” It's in the Grange Book. Leon working on the road. CASTOR OIL DAY. Paid Almond.

14 - WEDNESDAY: Nice sunny day. Trucks getting gravel from Mott Scribner's gravel pit. Leon is dragging the road. Ella Flood went to Machias Fair with Ross and Eva Sadler. Bertha is making pickles.

15 - THURSDAY: Not good.

16 - FRIDAY: Very good day. Dance night. Olive came over with Leota to spend the weekend with Bertha. She, Bertha and Leon went to Calais Saturday night and Adla came up and stayed all night.

17 - SATURDAY: Nice day. Olive here, washed her clothes and ironed them, and Winnie washed and ironed hers. Almond Frost came for his money. I had Bert Flood's and his done up in separate packages; and I gave Winnie Bert's which was $3.48 more than I owed Almond. She took it out and counted it asking him if it was OK? And he said ''Yes.'' When she came in I said “Did you count it? Did he say it was OK?” And she replied “Yes, $15.35.” “Why NO $15.35, that's what I owe Bert. I gave you the wrong package, I owe Almond $11.87.

18 - SUNDAY: Rainy day. Adla and Olive were here. Leon and Bertha took Olive back to her boarding place.

19 - MONDAY: Rained. Bertha washed but did not hang them out. Gladys Johnson Perkins was here this P. M. to see me. Took CASTOR OIL, no salts. Bert Flood came and I paid him the remainder of what I owed him for dusting and looking after the berries which was $15.35. Got night dresses from Muriel.

20 - TUESDAY: Rained nearly all day. Bertha hung her clothes out this A. M. Hubert [Dwelley] was here with his meat cart. Ben and Lawrence McArthur were here in A. M. Lawrence Frost was here for dinner. After Winifred returned from Woodland High School, she took me up to Almond Frost's and he paid me the $3.48 difference. Called to Lue's, but she was visiting Vinal who lives upstairs in Aunt Ada's house. [Lue Berry, Ada and George Berry’s daughter, was married to Ernest Perkins, one of their sons was Vinal]

21 - WEDNESDAY: Rained and the sun shone at intervals. Bertha brought her clothes in but they weren't as dry as they should have been. Bertha and I had Bernice and Vattie Frost for callers in P. M. Leon and Billy went to Calais with a load of wood. Trucks working on state road. Leon's night to take the cream to Calais.

22 THURSDAY: Good day. Trucks hauling gravel for state road down by Walter Henderson's [on Cooper Road]. Ella, Doris and the twins were over here in the P. M. Ira Perkins got Leon to haul long logs down to Grandpa Dwelley's mill to be sawed into lumber for his house he's going to build on his father's land. Aunt Sadie Dwelley Conant's 71 birthday. [Ira built his house on the McArthur Road, near where Ben McArthur now lives, it burned]

23 - FRIDAY: Very good day. Hi and Alice Staples and Etta Bailey Aylward were calling this P. M. Haven't seen her for over 30 years. Olive Edgerly came over to stay the weekend with Bertha. Winifred went over after Ollie after she returned from school. Adla came up tonight. Alice and Dale [Alice (Varnum) Williams and son] came down from the Waite with Adla.

24 - SATURDAY: Good in A. M. and P. M. until about 3:30 when we had a big shower. After dinner Bertha, Win and I went to Calais, Win to do shopping, have her hair cut and her teeth filled. Bertha to have her hair cut and do shopping, and I to have my under teeth mended. After supper Leon, Bertha, Ollie and Adla went to Calais. Adla stayed all night. She took her mother out to see Dr. Miner and he said she had gall bladder trouble.

25 - SUNDAY: Nice day. It was today Adla took her mother (Aunt Carrie) out to see Dr. Miner. Leon took Bertha to Church. Adla and her mother came up on a little ride. Beatrice and Matilda Frost came down to see me after Church. Leon and Bertha took Ollie to her boarding place (Sam Cooper's). She teaches the North Union School.

26 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. I mended my blue dress and put it on and buttoned it. Played well on the organ. [What might be everyday tasks for most of us, were real tasks for Eda who suffered from arthritus] How I long for a cozy home with a piano and lots of music and making preparations for my dear girlies homecoming. Oh, what a happy day that would be. ''State Road Machine'' is in cleaning out ditches here so that when the spring freshets come the roads won't be damaged as in former years.

27 - TUESDAY: Nice day. State Machine working as far as Baileyville line. Trucks working on State Road down by Walter Henderson's. Expect letters from my dear ones telling me all about how the hurricane affected their states (Vt. and Mass.)

28 - WEDNESDAY: Good day. Got a letter from my dear Muriel describing the terrible hurricane they had in Bellows Falls, uprooting great elm trees block after block.

29 - THURSDAY: Good day. Leon working on the road. Dr. Sullivan and wife were calling. Sent a letter to my Muriel this A. M. Got a post card from my Baby [Lillian] saying she was OK and would write all about the hurricane later.

30 - FRIDAY: Cloudy nearly all day and rained hard at night. Dance in Grange Hall. Seven trucks hauled gravel (free) all day for the road over by Arthur Flood's Olive Edgerly came home with Leon. Adla was here for supper. Sent a letter to my dear Lily [Lillian] this P. M.


1 - SATURDAY: Cloudy part of the day. Leon working on the road hauling sods and dragging. Carrie is going out to see Dr. Miner. Winnie took Olive out to go with Adla and Carrie to Calais this P. M. Marian Dwelley Cousins was here this P. M. Bertha and Leon are going to Calais with the cream and do some shopping. Adla came staying the night. Brought a pretty outing [flannel] night-dress for Bertha's birthday present.

2 - SUNDAY: Beautiful day. Leon, Bertha and Adla went down to Bertha's old home in Charlotte. Bertha went to Church in P. M. Winnie went up to call on Arline Perkins McArthur, Arline brought her home. Olive came back after supper and Leon and Bertha took her down to her boarding place, Sam Cooper's. Ralph Sadler's wife died at Calais Hospital of pneumonia. She lived in Cooper. [Lila Andrews of Baring and Ralph Sadler were married on April 3, 1920. Ralph later married Vina Rich Grant.]

3 - MONDAY: Grand day, so sunny and calm. Bertha did a big wash. Billy picked up potatoes for Mott Dwelley. Leon hauled wood to Calais. Took CASTOR OIL.

4 - TUESDAY: Another wonderful day. Leon took a load of wood out this A. M. and is working with the men who are here with the ''State Road Machine”. Mott Scribner and Billy are digging their potatoes; Ben and Lawrence McArthur are helping them. Gladys Perkins was calling on me this P. M.

5 - WEDNESDAY: Lovely day. Uncle Morey Dwelley has bought the Still Bridges home in Meddybemps Village [just east of the town hall/schoolhouse]. I'm very glad where he's not well, for it's better than living where there are no neighbors.

6 - THURSDAY: Quite a good day. Visited with Mott and Clara. Marian Cousins came down and got me with Horace Cousin’s car. Keith and two boys, Winifred and Lois [Strout] were there in the evening to see me. Leon and Bertha came up and brought me home. Dr. and Mrs. Sullivan's son was at Bertha's for supper.

Lois Strout Delmont & Clara (Dunham) Dwelley with sons Dana, Harvard and Paul; before Marian was born!

7 - FRIDAY: Beautiful day. Adla came from the Waite and was here for supper. She teaches at Bingo. Leon, who is patrolman, is hauling off sods where the machine plowed them out. Win, when she returned from high school, went over and got Olive Edgerly who teaches the North Union School. [Patrolman was the term describing one who worked for the state highway department maintaining the roads.]

8 - SATURDAY: Beautiful day. After dinner Olive went out to Calais with Clinton Flood, his wife [Doris aka Duffy], Joan and Jean and his mother [Ella]. Right after supper Leon and Bertha went. Win walked out to Aunt Carrie's in the late P. M. and went to Calais with Adla and her mother. Olive returned with Leon and Bertha. Win returned with Adla, Adla staying all night. Aunt Carrie and Uncle Earl spent the weekend with Margaret and Albert [Varnum in Milltown]. Roland Perkins and family returned from Aroostook where they have been picking potatoes.

9 - SUNDAY: Sunny, but quite cool. Rev. Smith, blind minister, preached here this P. M. Olive went over to the Church in Crawford and came back with the minister, Mr. Wilson. Alda came here before she went back to school. Aunt Hatt and Billy McWilliams his wife and boys were calling. Ruth Dwelley, Ruth and Harold Perkins were baptized over on Grace Dixon's shore of Dwelleys' Lake [about where Ed and Janet Perkins now live].

10 - MONDAY: Beautiful and sunny. Bertha washed and did some ironing. Leon went to Crawford after stovewood twice and to Calais. Billy Holst and Lawrence Frost went hunting this P. M. and Billy shot one partridge and two rabbits. Mott Scribner mowed weeds. Hubert Dwelley was here and killed a calf this A. M. Roland Perkins was here to get a dozen eggs. Clinton Flood took his chimney down below the house [roof]. Winnie went to Woodland High School this morning; drives back and forth, this is her 4th year.

11 - TUESDAY: Grand sunny day. Carrie and Adla were going to Machias to see Dr. Hanson and I rode as far as Ruth Dwelley's staying until Winnie Holst came for me. While there the Rev. McCarty and wife called. He is a Pentecostal. Clement from Machias was here testing COWS.

12 - WEDNESDAY: Another beautiful day. Clement went up to Lyston Frost's this P. M. No school, Columbus Day. Blind Methodist minister will preach at Woodland tonight.

13 - THURSDAY: Marvelous day. Bertha is making preparations to go visiting her people in N. H. and Mass. Alice Staples is going as far as Portland, Etta Aylward to Augusta with them, Leon Bertha and Billy.

14 - FRIDAY: Lovely day. Nice day for Leon, Bertha, Billy, Alice and Etta's trip. Olive Edgerly came last night. Lawrence and Arline McArthur were here for supper; Lawrence helped Mott with the chores. Mott went up to Bert Flood's and dug the rest of his potatoes. Paul Dwelley, Mr. Curley and a young man were here, also Tom Long and Hubert Dwelley. Ella [Flood] was over to see if I was all right.

15 - SATURDAY: Grand old day. Paul Dwelley was here this noon. Lawrence McArthur this morning. Mott is mowing hay on Floyd [Frost's] place for Mott Dwelley. Olive went to Calais with Sam Cooper and wife in A. M. Winnie and I are keeping house. Win went to Calais with Lawrence and Arline McArthur. Lawrence is helping Mott do some chores while Leon, Bertha and Billy are at Lynn, Mass. visiting. Adla stayed with Olive all night here at Bertha's. Olive worked in the 5 and 10 store at Calais and Adla brought her home.

16 - SUNDAY: Fine sunny day. Lawrence and Arline were here for supper. Adla came up at supper time. The folks returned from Lynn at 11:30 last night. Hi came out and got Alice. Olive went to church at Crawford in P. M. staying for supper and George Cushing's daughter and husband took her to her boarding place, Sam Cooper's. Blind minister, Mr. Smith, preached here in the Methodist Church, large congregation.

Doris Flood [Raymond’s wife] baby born in P. M. a little girl [names Maxine]. Fannie Dwelley is taking care of her.

17 - MONDAY: Cloudy, rained some, and sun shone a few minutes. Ella and Bertha washed. Doris [Clinton Flood's wife] was over this A. M. and told me Doris has an 8 pound, 13 ounce girl baby. Carrie was telling Bertha the doctor said she had gall stones and should be operated upon. Blind minister is at Ella's tonight. Win and Bertha are going. Wish I could go. Going to hold services 3 nights. Leon and Billy went to Princeton tonight. Leon went to Calais with a load of wood.

18 - TUESDAY: Beautiful weather. Blind minister is getting large congregations, 115 tonight. I went up with Win and Bertha. He stays at Ella's nights and gets his dinners and suppers at different houses. People here from Woodland.

19 - WEDNESDAY: Grand sunny day. Minister here at Bertha's for dinner. Blind ever since he was 6 years old. Went to high school and college, preaches in Lisbon Falls, Maine. I attended services again tonight, large gathering. Mott and Clara had the minister for supper.

20 - THURSDAY: Another grand day. Minister and Billy went up to Florence Frost's hunting in P. M. Billy shot a partridge and I don't know which one was more excited. Took supper with Mott and Clara again. I attended church again and Winnie and I sang a duet, Win soprano and I alto. Everyone thought we sang well. The song was ''Beautiful Words of Jesus. Morey Hunnewell said my voice sounded lovely and just like my mother's. 114 there, people from Charlotte and Woodland.

21 - FRIDAY: Good day. Aunt Lily Dwelley had a shock [remember that uncle Morey had just moved into Meddybemps Village. For some reason, Eda refers to her siblings as ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’]. Lyman [Strout] and Raymond [Flood] were going to drive to Bangor and invited the minister to ride with them to save that much money on his trip home. Paul Dwelley was going to Calais and called for me and I went out to Aunt Carrie's staying until she went to Calais Hospital that night and was operated on the next morning. Aunt Ollie and Fred [Taylor] came in P. M. Earl and Lindsay returned from Bangor in P. M. Marjorie [Hunnewell] was here in A. M.

22 - SATURDAY: Very good. Carrie was operated upon this morning and they found one very large stone. Came out of ether and talked with Earl in P. M. Dr. Miner said in 3 months time it would have been a pus case. Olive Edgerly went to Calais in P. M. so she could be there to go to work in 5 and 10 at 5 o'clock. Leon and Bertha had an early supper and went to Calais. Alice came from the Waite with Adla.

23 - SUNDAY: Dull cool day. Bertha and Ollie went to church, Billy took them. Adla took Bertha to Sunday School. Good number at church. Lucy Greenlaw McWilliams called.

Olive Taylor by Cooper Road showing M-E Church and Grange Hall.

24 - MONDAY: Windy rainy day and night. Bertha had a serious time with her clothes, had to bring them in after she'd hung them out, line breaking twice. Earl Higgins of Dennysville was here selling grain. CASTOR OIL DAY.

25 - TUESDAY: Rained a little, and sun has shone nearly all day. Bertha hung her washing out again and got it dry this time. Got a letter from my dear Stick-in-the-Mud [Muriel]. Leon went to Calais and said the wind last night blew trees across the telephone wire. Bert and Eva Flood walked as far as Clinton's and went to Calais with him this morning.

26 - WEDNESDAY: Foggy in the morning, but lovely and sunny later in the day. Uncle Jack Dwelley's 55th (1883) birthday. I sent him a card with a little poem I composed, hope he liked it. Leon, Bertha, Olive and Adla went to the State [Grange] Convention which was in Bangor. Convention lasted 3 days. Billy helped Uncle Mott Dwelley today.

27 - THURSDAY: Foggy as yesterday, but nice the rest of the day. Paul Dwelley is here hauling out dressing. Folks are still away, won't be returning until Sat.

28 - FRIDAY: Good day. Paul is here again today. Winnie made two squash pies and left out the sugar, and put nut-meg in the corn chowder thinking it was pepper. Ha!

29 - SATURDAY: Very good day. Folks returned before 4:00 o’clock. Leon, Bertha, Olive and Adla went to Calais tonight.

30 - SUNDAY: Cold and dark. I didn't go to church. Bertha, Olive and Winnie went. Della Dwelley is going to be sprinkled or baptized next Sunday. Aunt Carrie who is in the Calais Hospital is a little better. Have taken tube out of incision.

31 - MONDAY: Sunny, but cool. Leon is working on the road with the state road machine and men from Princeton. Mott Dwelley has bought a new horse.


l - TUESDAY: Good day. Paul Dwelley was here helping Mott and Billy spread manure. Earl Higgins, Barbara's father, from Dennysville was here to sell grain and groceries. [Barbara Higgins, who lived in Massachusetts, has another connection to this historical society. She inherited five B. R. Jones maps from her father. After her death, A-CHS acquired high quality copies of these maps for our Image Outreach project Mapping the Wilderness] Leon worked on the road with men and the State Road Machine. Wrote to my dear Muriel and sent her the bill for cutting bushes and strawing the blueberry land ($46.68).

2 - WEDNESDAY: Not very pleasant, sun shone at intervals. Looks like rain. Gladys Perkins came this morning and stayed to dinner. She has 7 dinners to put up, 5 school and two adults. [Gladys and Noland were the parents of twelve children in 1938 ranging in age from 5 to 26; the youngest five would account for the dinners she put up] Billy is working for Mott D. today. Got a letter from my Muriel. Leon on the road again. Bertha waxed the living room linoleum this A. M. Leon and Bertha went to Calais with cream and Bertha went up to the Hospital to see Aunt Carrie who was operated on for gall stones Oct. 22 and is feeling fine. Heard Edith Hunnewell was to be married soon. [Edith married Herbert Sprague of Grand Lake Stream on December 23, 1938]

3 - THURSDAY: Sunny and lovely. Duffy and twins here this morning. Walter Henderson here and got oil. Billy helped Uncle Mott Dwelley. Leon worked on the road. Ellery Frost here this morning and wanted Mott S. to go to Lubec. Received 2 pairs knee pads from my dear Stick-in-the-Mud. Must write my dear Lily.

4 - FRIDAY: Grand day. Aunt Carrie’s 58th birthday, but she was at Calais Hospital Leon brought Ollie E. home. CASTOR OIL DAY. Ben Scribner, Mott's brother, was here for dinner. Went back to his sister's, Alice Staples. Lives in Portland and is on a hunting trip. Billy working for Mott D. Leon on the road.

5 - SATURDAY: Gorgeous day. Bertha, Olive, Win and I went to Calais. I went to Hospital to see Carrie. She looked and is feeling fine. Had sat up in a chair in the A. M., but was sitting up in bed when we were there. Came home and had an early supper. Leon, Bertha and Ollie went back to Calais. Leon took cream to the train, Bertha shopped, and Ollie worked in the .10 store until 10:30 standard time before she could come home with them. Adla came with them and stayed all night.

6 - SUNDAY: Another wonderful day for this time of year. Della was baptized and both she and Erma were taken into the church. I went and sang alto in the choir. Minister said to me after church, ''You like to sing, don't you.” Quite a few there. George Edgerly, Ollie's brother, came to see her. He lives in Danvers, Mass. and is a meat cutter.

7 - MONDAY: Foggy day. Bertha's clothes didn't dry. Carrie left the Calais Hospital and came up to Albert's to stay until she's stronger. Will then come home or go up to the Waite and visit with her daughter Alice. Eva Flood brought me my tax receipt this P. M.

8 - TUESDAY: Very good day. Della Dwelley came down in P. M. staying for supper and evening. The church choir met here this evening for rehearsal. Lue came down with Clara and Mott. Twelve here. Lue was going down to stay with Ruth all night.

9 - WEDNESDAY: Rained early this morning, but sun shone later in day and windy. Billy Holst and Shirley Hunnewell went hunting. Leon went to Calais with potatoes and squash. Got .01 a lb. for squash.

10 - THURSDAY: Nice day. Bertha and Leon took Ollie to Milltown to stay with Aunt Carrie who came from the Calais Hospital to Albert's last Monday. Albert and Margaret went up to the camp on the Talmadge to hunt for a few days. Winnie went to Woodland to the Armistice Ball tonight, will stay with her school friend, Irene James.

11 - FRIDAY: Beautiful day. Mrs. James and girls brought Winnie home this P. M. and Winnie took the car and took Gladys around town soliciting for the church. Adla came from Waite, staying for supper and was going down to Albert's to stay with her mother.

12 - SATURDAY: Beautiful day. Bertha, Win and I went to Calais; I had an appointment with Dr. Gilbert. Bertha, Leon and Adla were at Calais in the night. Adla stayed with Ollie E. at Albert's with her mother, Aunt Carrie. I bought me a $1.00 hat. Dr. Gilbert wants me to come out next Sat. at 2 o'clock.

13 - SUNDAY: Rained some. Bertha, Winnie and I went to church. Quite a number out. Rehearsal at Clara Dwelley's Tuesday night. Edie Crafts Jamison and husband were here when we returned from church. Olive came after supper and Bertha and Leon took her to Sam Cooper's where she boards. Adla was here for supper and then drove to the Waite.

14 - MONDAY: Very good day. Bertha washed, got her clothes in and is ironing. Leon and Billy this A. M. were hauling gravel and filling up the holes under the barn. Lindsay Varnum came and got Leon this P. M. to haul two loads up to his place at the Four Corners. [where Phil McVicar now resides] Billy is helping Lawrence Frost get a load of sawdust at the Pocomoonshine mill. [Lawrence’s father Lyston Frost had a diary farm at 73 Cooper Road. The hardwood sawdust from Stowell-MacGregor Mill was used for bedding for the cows] Win went to school in Woodland, Maine.

15 - TUESDAY: Nice day.

16 - WEDNESDAY: Fine day. When Win went to school, I went out to Aunt Carrie's to spend the day with Aunt Ada Berry who is keeping house for Aunt Carrie while she is in the hospital. Win came out after supper and got me before she went to Grange where Lawrence Frost and Russell Flood were initiated. TOOK CASTOR OIL.

17 - THURSDAY: Rained and snowed. Wrote to my dear girlies.

18 - FRIDAY: Very foggy in the morning and cloudy all day. Mott and Billy attended the Farm Bureau meeting at the Grange hall in the evening. Leon got a load of furnace wood from Herman Wallace. Olive Edgerly came last night from school staying the night. Adla came from the Waite where she's teaching and was here for supper and the evening.

19 - SATURDAY: Rained nearly all day. I didn't go to Calais to see Dr. Gilbert about my eyes again as I had a cold and also the day was not pleasant. Adla came up this P. M. and brought a little pup. He was the cutest thing. Winnie took him over and showed him to Joan and Jean Flood, the twins. Leon, Bertha, Winnie and Billy went to Calais. Leon, Winnie and Billy were going to the pictures. Aunt Ada was going out to Burleigh's for the weekend. Got a nice long letter from my precious Baby.

20 - SUNDAY: Not very good, quite cold. Adla took Bertha to church. Olive Edgerly went to Crawford church. Adla here for supper before she went to the Waite. Bertha and Leon took Olive to her boarding after supper. Carrie is feeling better.

21 - MONDAY: Good sunny day. Bertha washed and did almost all her ironing. Winnie went to school. Got a nice Thanksgiving card and letter from my dear Baby [Lillian].

22 - TUESDAY: Not very cold, sun shone a little while. Leon went to Calais with wood. Wrote to my Baby today.

23 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny day. Leon traded cows with Robbins, the man that married Ernest Seavey's girl. [Records indicate that none of Ernest Seavey’s 11 daughters married a Robbins. However, Clara Perkins, daughter of Rufus and Lenora (Carlow) Perkins, married Robert Robbins] Mott is plowing for Walter Henderson. [Walter was a blacksmith who lived at 234 Cooper Road] Mr. Fred Harriman at Pocomoonshine Lake died this P. M. [Fred Harriman (1856 - 1938) fished commercially on Pocomoonshine] Leon got a load of wood at Crawford. I didn't get a letter from my dear Stick-in-the-Mud. Watkins Man here this P. M. Freddie Taylor called to see how Carrie was. Plans to come home tomorrow.

Fred JR, Fred SR and Joab standing with baby Kenneth in front. Harriman males all!

24 - THURSDAY: Not very pleasant, snowing at night. Thanksgiving Day. Was out to Carrie's and ate dinner. Carrie came home from Albert's. Matt, Vesta, Sumner and Helen were there and Earl, Carrie, Lindsay, Bert, Adla, Albert, Margaret, Ken, Alice Coburn, Dale, Aunt Ada, and me. Albert, Adla and Ken brought me home to Bertha's. Earl was afraid Adla would have difficulty getting up the hill with her light car.

25 - FRIDAY: Terrible day, snowed and wind blew very, very hard all day and all night. Must write to my Muriel. Wind blew so hard; Bertha couldn't have hardly any fire on account of the furnace smoking. I lay abed all day, as I was somewhat tired after the Thanksgiving festivities and activities. Win didn't get to Woodland for school.

26 - SATURDAY: Sun shone but roads were filled full. Snow plow got out to Baileyville line. Had to postpone Mr. Harriman's funeral until Sunday. Olive came about 3 o'clock, walked from Arthur Flood's to Charlie Brown's store.

27 - SUNDAY: Bad day, snowed and wind blew hard. Adla was here but went home early to get ready to back to the Waite. They finally had Mr. H's funeral at the church; Mr. Wentworth preached the service.

28 - MONDAY: Sunny over head, but snow, snow. Mabel Flood Perkins daughter killed herself and is buried today. Mr. Scholl came as far as Clinton Flood's and he took the casket on his truck to Cooper. [Annie Belle Perkins was a daughter of Maynard H and Mabel (Flood) Perkins, one of eleven children. Annie was born on June 2, 1911 and was single. The Perkins Cemetery is near the site of their home off the Green Hill Road, beyond Sam Cooper’s.]

29 - TUESDAY: Not so cold, but it snowed. Uncle Mott and Bertha cleaned out the furnace. Winnie stayed out to Woodland.

30 - WEDNESDAY: Very good, quite cold. Bertha washed her hair and mine.


1 - THURSDAY: Good days lots of snow. Meddybemps Lake froze over tonight. Eda thawed out. Willis came down.

2 - FRIDAY: Sunny day. Leon went to North Union to get Olive. After supper Leon took Bertha and Olive out to Earl's and Adla took to Woodland to the High School Operetta. Dwelleys' Lake froze over tonight. Donald Frost's wife gave birth to a little girl baby, Muriel Maxine.

3 - SATURDAY: Sunny, lovely day. Leon, Bertha, Olive and Tom Long are going to Calais to do some Xmas shopping. Hope I get some Xmas cards and tags from my Stick-in-the-Mud. Mott and Clara, Harvard and Juanita here in evening, Radio singing ''Don't Wait Until the Night Before Xmas to be Good'' and it's very cute. Got a birthday card and check from my dear Muriel. Got a card from Leota [Flood], Win, and Bertha. A jar of Woodbury facial cream and Xmas tags from Bertha and a bottle of Fitches hair tonic. Also box of Xmas cards from my dear Baby.

4 - SUNDAY: Rained in A. M., clearing in P. M. My 60th birthday! Harvard Dwelley was in to see me this P. M. Olive just came from Calais. Nelson Flood, who has pneumonia, is somewhat better, Arthur is not so well today. Harvard got Bertha to telephone to A. W. Flood's to see how Nelson was. Minister came out from Woodland but did not hold any service.

5 - MONDAY: Not a very good day, rained at supper time. Bertha washed. Leon took Olive over to North Union School house where she is teaching. Win took the car this morning to go to Woodland High school. Leon hauled gravel. snow going fast. TOOK CASTOR OIL.

6 - TUESDAY: Rained hard nearly all day and the wind blew very hard at times. Leon has been working on the road. Roland Perkins was here for dinner. Billy hauled a load of hay for Bert Flood. Leon drove Win out to school today.

7 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny and warm. Bear seen on Lanes Hill, foot measured 10 1/4 inches long and 7 1/4 inches wide. Leon hauled gravel for the roads. Mott and Billy dug out the cellar drain. Bertha washed windows in the living room, dining room and kitchen. Earl Higgins was here selling grain. Noland and others were fixing snow fence.

8 - THURSDAY: Cloudy nearly all day. Gladys Perkins here in P. M. I bought two dish cloths for Ollie. Ella, Duffy and twins were here this A. M.

9 - FRIDAY: Rained nearly all day. Olive came. Billy went to meet her. Nelson and Arthur Flood are better. Aunt Ada and Adla were here in the evening. Priscilla Cushing Andrews and baby [Larry or Beverly?] were here in evening. Carrie isn't coming home until tomorrow.

10 - SATURDAY: Rained very hard. Bertha and Adla went to Calais to do some Xmas and school shopping. Leon drove them out. Ira Perkins was here for dinner. Hubert here with meat. Olive here for the weekend. Ira cut a door in the barn so they can wheel out manure. Snowed hard before Adla, Bertha and Leon returned.

11 - SUNDAY: Sun shone in A. M. but was cloudy in P. M. Leon took Bertha to church and mailed my ''Bank Letter'' to Muriel. Doris Flood, baby Bernard and Mrs. White [Agnes White from Grand Lake Stream, teacher at Cedar School] were calling. Mrs. W. said Nelson was better, but that Dr. Best said for him to lie abed for a week. Arthur is better, too. Hubert was here this A. M. George Flood was here in P. M. and brought Olive a $50.00 check. Adla was here all day. Coburn, Alice and Carrie came down from the Waite. Carrie is going down to Albert [Varnum's in Milltown] and stay a week and Margaret is going to help her do up Xmas packages.

12 - MONDAY: Started snowing at 11:00 o'clock and still snowing at 8 o''clock. Bertha washed but had to get in her sheets, blankets, etc. Leon and Noland went to Eastport to get a load of salt to mix with the gravel. In the P. M. he, Noland and Tom Long went to the gravel pit to mix the salt and gravel to put on icy places in the road. Got a nice long letter from Ilse Junemann and a note from Ted.

13 - TUESDAY: Lovely sunny day. Tom, Leon, and Noland mixed salt and gravel. Noland and Tom were here for dinner. Bertha ironed this P. M. Sent a letter to the P. 0. to be mailed to my dear White Lily tomorrow. Sent a note to Annie Flood.

14 - WEDNESDAY: Lovely mild day. Bertha rode to Calais with Annie Flood, Marian Cousins and Clara Dwelley.

15 - THURSDAY: Not very good.

16 - FRIDAY: Cloudy. Leon went over to North Union School house and got Olive. Hubert was here with meat. Earl Higgins from Dennysville here in the evening.

17 - SATURDAY: Cloudy day. Olive went to Calais with Sam Cooper and wife. Working in 5 and 10 cent store and coming home with Edna McArthur. Adla came up and stayed all night. Bertha had a cold and didn't go to Calais.

18 - SUNDAY: Cloudy day. Ella [Flood and daughter-in-law] Doris Flood went to church. Olive and Adla were here. Leon and Bertha took Olive to her boarding place after supper. Carrie came home from Albert's where she has been visiting for a week. Sent Ted and Ilse's package to be left at Mame Carlow's.

19 - MONDAY: Cloudy. Bertha washed, but looked to much like a storm so didn't hang out her clothes. Clinton [Flood] and Lewis Frost killed a pig today. Laddie, the dog, was very much interested, kept running into my room and looking out the window. Tom Long was here for dinner. CASTOR OIL DAY.

20 - TUESDAY: Cloudy all day. Leon and Tom were hauling gravel to bank the barn. Sent [her sister] Ollie's and Freddie's [Taylor] packages out to Taylor's Store in Woodland by Winnie when she and the White [Viola or Rowena?] girl went to school. Expect Adla home tonight. Been visiting with Albert and Margaret in Milltown.

21 - WEDNESDAY: Sun shone part of the day. Bertha and Adla went to Calais and returned about supper time. Uncle Mott hung out the Monday washing.

22 - THURSDAY: Dark, dark day. Clements, the milk tester, came tonight and stayed at Ella’s. Tom Long and Bert Flood were here in the evening. Adla came before supper, staying for supper and evening.

23 - FRIDAY: Lovely sunny day. Clements was here for dinner. Higgins grain man here. Tom Long went to Calais with Leon this P. M. Adla and Bertha are going to North Union School house tonight and Adla or Billy will be Santa Claus. Olive didn't have to teach school Saturday so came back with Adla and Billy.

24 - SATURDAY: Not a good day, snowed and the wind blew quite hard. Had the Xmas tree tonight. I as well as the rest, received many nice useful presents. I received over 35 Xmas cards from friends and relatives. Billy brought Adla up. Uncle Mott went down and had his hair cut by Lindsay. Bertha also went down to see the tree.

25 - SUNDAY: Snowed all day. Bert and Adla and Ken came with the car and took me down to their home for Xmas dinner. Children all there except Vesta and Sum. My dear girlies weren't there either. Albert, Adla and Ken brought me home. Very bad night, but roads not too bad because Lyman had been over them with the snow-plow. Alice, Coburn and Dale stayed the night.

26 - MONDAY: Beautiful day. Bertha washed and got them dry. Snow-plow went out to the line. Austin Jamison [of South Princeton], his wife Edie and daughter Mona were here in the P. M. She, Mona and Win went up to the P.O. and got my Xmas box from Muriel, lovely slip, sachet bag and pair of stockings.

27 TUESDAY: Snowed and rained hard. Adla came up last night. Bert and Harris [Brownlee] had to push the car before they could get into the yard to turn.

28 - WEDNESDAY: Sunny. Snow-plow out. Bertha, Leon, Win and Adla are going to Calais this P. M. Leon and Billy have been graveling the roads this A. M. Hubert was here with meat. Bert Varnum was here.

29 - THURSDAY: Snowed a little at night, 6 below this morning, fine sunny day. Adla, Bertha, Leon and Billy played Ping Pong in the evening, Adla and Leon winning. Got a letter from my Muriel and so did Bertha. Mr. Day, Supt. of Schools, was here telling Bertha that Olive Edgerly would have a school.

30 - FRIDAY: Sunny day. Arline Perkins McArthur came this morning staying for dinner and P. M. Duffy was here this P. M. and Mr. Higgins, the grain man. Leon went to Calais with cream and this P. M. got logs out for a body for his truck. Adla is here, intended to go home but we wanted her to stay.



Mrs. Robert McArthur - Apr. 25 Llewellyn Dwelley - July 27 - age 68

George Dwelley - July 25, 1932 Bub Dwelley - Jan 25, 1922 [Oliver Jan. 21, 1921?]

John Tori's funeral - Sept. 4 Ernest Higgins - Sept. 17

Fred Harriman Nov. 23 May McGraw Sweeney - Dec 12

BORN IN 1938

Maxine Grace Flood - Oct 16 [Muriel Maxine Frost – Dec 2]


Donald Frost & Helen Stanhope on May 14

Lawrence McArthur & Arline Perkins in Aug. [July 30]

Harvard Dwelley & Juanita McPheters on Sept. 4

Arnold Dwelley & Elizabeth Neal [on October 10]