AES History Club

By: Alex Henry

On Thursday, September 27, 2001 the AES History Club met for the first time this year at John Dudley’s house. Mr. Dudley is the organizer and leader of this new history club.

Attending the history club meeting and tour were Mr. Dudley, Adam and Laura Wright, Julian Owen, Amanda McDonough, Shane Brown, Nicholas Provencher, and myself, Alex Henry.

We walked up and down the waterfront looking at old foundations, fields, and, houses, some of which dated back to 1908. We found out where some of the old mills and factories had once stood. The group learned how the first generation of people on Pokomoonshine Lake used to fish and store food for the winter. We also took a look at some of the old Civil War veteran’s artifacts and what used to be their gardens. We stopped by the boat landing and saw where an old basket factory once stood and where the first settlers in the area lived. We looked through the woods to where an old sawmill used to stand and what was left of its sawdust pile that is now my front yard.

The students in the AES History Club are to look at their schedules and let Mr. Dudley know when we are free again for another history walk. We hope to finish the Pokomoonshine Lake tour next week.