Chocolate Cake Walk
June 30, 1986

Jane Dudley: This is a recording from WQDY radio, Calais. It’s an interview with Audrey Ketner of Pocomoonshine Lake who was one of three co-chairmen of the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society’s sixth annual Chocolate Cake-walk which will be held at the Alexander Grange Hall on July 4th.

Joe: Sitting in front of me. We’ll be talking about the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society, which by the way is pleased to announce the second annual Fourth of July Community Celebration. They’re extending an invitation to everybody to come out for the fun and festivities. And, Audrey, perhaps you can tell us what’s going to happen.

Audrey Ketner: All right. On that day, we’re going to begin with a parade and all the young folks are encouraged to decorate their bicycles and their tricycles and wagons and doll carriages, motorcycles or four wheelers and the decorations are going to be judged and there’s a prize of ten dollars for the best in the parade and five dollars for the second. There’ll be ribbons in each category, and of course any local business or organization is welcome to march in our parade or drive in our parade. I think that the more the merrier. And, then this year we’re going to have a drawing for this chocolate cake, and her duties are going to be to ride in the parade in a little red bus wagon that’s owned by one of our members and she is also going to lead the Cake Walk which will be at seven o’clock. Now the entrants for this are to be the children, or the little girls between eight and thirteen, and they must be a resident of Alexander or Crawford. But, they’ve got to hurry because all entries should be submitted by about noon today. Jane Dudley, the president of the Society, will draw the name of Miss Chocolate Cake and her attendants on - this afternoon. So, for more information or to enter a name, call quickly 454-2862. That’s to Ellie Sanford.

Joe: And, there’s just a little over two hours to do that.

Audrey Ketner: That’s right.

Joe: Ok. We want to talk a little bit about the parade route, then - - -

Audrey Ketner: All right.

Joe: - - - this morning.

Audrey Ketner: Now, the parade participants should be at the fire hall in Alexander at least by 1:45 because promptly at 2:00 the parade will proceed north on Cooper Street to Route Nine and then to Randy’s Store where the parade will loop back and return to the Grange and there’s where all the awards will be presented for the winners

Joe: Um hum. Ok. Now, you have some other things. You’ve got fun and games going following that parade and let’s get caught up on what’s happening there, if you would.

Audrey Ketner: All right. Following the parade and I guess right into about 6:30 there’ll be games and horse back riding by the Four-H group and Grange members are going to run a snack bar. There’ll also be a Grab Bag and Crafts and White Elephant tables and also very importantly is the Parent-Teacher Club will be selling tickets on the 50/50 drawings and the proceeds all go to buying equipment for the new school. The drawing will be the night of the Chocolate Cake Walk.

Joe: Um hum. Ok. So, you’re looking forward to a real fun time.

Audrey Ketner: Oh, we - we hope so and I - I hope the weather - I think the weather is going to be good for us, Joe.

Joe: It should be very cooperative. One thing, Audrey, while you’re here this morning. I’d like to have you talk a little bit about the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society. That’s one organization of which I’m pleased to be a member myself and I know what it’s all about but I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who - who would like to get some more details on it.

Audrey Ketner: Well, we are very fortunate to have a member in our community by the name of Jane Dudley who was the founder of this historical society and she has done many wonderful things, I think, for our community and for all the residents around who - they have enjoyed finding out their ancestors - about - all about their ancestors and also lots of their relations who are living not only in this community but all over the United States and maybe in other places. And, incidently we now have 400 members - not - all over - all over the United States and I think Jane told me that there are one or two that she got from out of the - from outside the United States. The - she had a brain storm for this Chocolate Cake Walk and I believe it was 1980 and by 1981 the latest I heard - let’s see when that was. That was in 1984, that the Readers Digest interviewed her about her Chocolate Cake Walk and took it - it was in the May ‘84 issue. There was a lovely picture of Jane. Also Ellie Sanford and Ethel Wallace, and also some recipes that were in there. And, of course we got all kinds of answers from that. In fact a cute one is Marion Cousins who lives in Alexander got a telephone call from a lady in Georgia who had heard about her cake - chocolate cake recipe and because it had sauerkraut in it she would like to have the recipe for that. So, you can see we’re really - also Jane published a cook book and we - she has that for sale which is - many of the recipes. Then Readers Digest published a cook book - not just with the Alexander historical society’s recipes but they did include those recipes in their cookbook with this picture that they had originally done in the - in one issue of Readers Digest. So, you can see we’re well known and we hope to have everybody come to this - to our Chocolate Cake Walk. It’s seven o’clock on Fourth of July evening and there’re lots of bakers around Alexander and Crawford that are very busy. We’re going to have lots of beautiful chocolate cakes and in the walk you have to pay three dollars. You don’t have to, but we’d like you to pay three dollars to walk in our Chocolate Cake Walk and I think that no one will be displeased at what they will win.

Joe: Um hum. Ok. One more time, let’s mention about the parade, the time and the route if you would because that’s going to kick off all the other festivities.

Audrey Ketner: That’s right. All right, the parade - please, everyone be there at one forty - by 1:45 on the Fourth of July and that’s at the Alexander Fire Hall which is on the Cooper Road just right - right off of Route Nine and the parade will proceed through - north on Cooper Road to Route Nine to Randy’s Store and then back again to the Grange Hall. And, from then on we’ll have all the rest of the festivities and don’t forget that the Chocolate Cake Walk is at seven o’clock.

Joe: Thank you very much for being with us.

Audrey Ketner: Thank you for asking me.

Joe: That was Audrey Ketner, my guest, talking about the activities sponsored on the Fourth of July by the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society. And, we’ll be right back with more of “Open Line” this morning.