The Sydney Opera House

When we were planning this winters trip, one of the highlights we looked forward to was the Sydney Opera House. This icon of modern world architecture has always fascinated me and I looked forward to creating images of it.

It was soon apparent to me that there was a major problem with scale ! Almost every image seen  is from afar and showing either the city's skyline or a backdrop of the huge and magnificent "coat hanger bridge". And, that was for a reason, for every attempt I made to create a photograph that showed detail and scale at the same time, failed.
I should have known !

It's a big structure with 5 or 6 auditoriums seating thousands ! Much of it is below its base, including a huge underground garage. It is covered with triple fired white tiles that sparkle in the sun. Its plan was begun in the late 40's and not completed until the 1990's and opened by the Queen. It is truly a remarkable structure !

One comes away with the notion that every city should strive to create such an architectural icon that would at the same time provide a cultural service to its people as evidence of its civility.