Beautiful Christchurch, Canterbury

We are here in Christchurch until we fly back to Australia. This week will provide us an opportunity to re-enter from the "camping mode". Our delightful apartment on "Hoon Hay Street" looks out on a small stream and a large grass park - see the two views under the lovely pink pond Lilly.

We drove in town to the mega 500 acre city park that contains their world-class botanical garden. Canals and the river Avon circle throughout the city and kayaks, canoes and gondolier driven boats are everywhere. I fumbled with my camera to make a video of about 35 Chinese tourists as they were set free into the river in their "Old Town " kayaks and proceeded to crash headlong into the shore and each other - a comedy worth watching.

There was a talented brass band playing in the pavilion.  The Begonias in one of the hothouses had breathtaking blooms.

Across the street in the Cathedral there was a choir practicing (click here to hear them). Outside the bells pealed (click here to listen).