Dogs, Observatories, Penguins, Lighthouses
and Art

The herding dog has a long and respected place in history here. The sculpture in a town park speaks to that as did the Sheppard we met with the seven highly trained dogs in the special cage that so many pickups have. He had just moved a flock into a holding pen for Sunday's auction.

The fences here are works of real craftsmanship. Though they don't have frosts like ours that tug twist and throw out stakes, they still build a fence once - to last. Here we see a typical corner setup.

The lighthouse is on the South Island's most southern Black Point and compliments the one on the North Island's, Reinga Point. It's been a treat to visit New Zealand's extremes.

Here is a nice piece of metal art that reminded me of the images of Maine's coastal islands.

The abandon house, I found after poking thru a tree cluster in a remote pasture at the
Orari Gorge.

The collection of Observatories at Mount John was an unexpected find. We drove to the top and enjoyed the view down to our campsite at Lake Alexandrina.