Penguins, Pig Hides and Horse Poo.

In East Pittston in Maine we can get a pickup load of Horse manure free - here they sell it by the grocery bag for 50 cents (.35 U.S).
The wild pig hides we found hanging on fences everywhere in the outback is a "man's thing" according to a local - like the deer on a car top in Maine, I guess.
Here are sea lions basking on the beach on the southernmost point and don't miss the tiny picture
(on the left) of a penguin coming ashore at Roaring Bay. There were a total of 8 of those entertaining birds with 10 times more homo sapiens watching them.
There are flowers everywhere and Betty always has a nice bouquet inside our "cozy camper". She caught me doing a quick wash in the stream.

That's a wallaby not a kangaroo at the Invercargill city park.
If there were not so many sheep, the mega herds of deer would stand out - there are millions - it's a big meat market !