New Zealand
 Notes & Observations


In one of the books we are reading, James Mitchner begins the forward by saying matter of factly " New Zealand is probably the most beautiful country in the world. " - who are we to argue with an authority like this - but, from our limited experience we'd have no reason to disagree . (click on the view to enlarge)
Like so much of the "new world", New Zealanders are a lot who are fully aware of what they have. From the nearly paranoid agricultural/environmental laws to nearly socialists notions of governing -
(according to the opinions of one citizen we polled).
This country is
full of itself, as we would say. I liken it to our friends the Canadians who are not dissimilar. We love it, and apparently we aren't alone. Just last night we met a Veterinarian and his two dogs 3 weeks into a total move here - seeking a practice via his camper from Canada by way of the UK. It was his father's unrealized dream to be here, and now it's his reality.

Tom Diamond, on the other hand, is second generation. We found him sketching the limestone cliffs in the camper park. He entertained us with  reassuring stories of how the ancient Maori didn't like the White men because they tasted way too salty. Here you can see a

 video of him playing his accordion (click JUST ONCE). Tom is a man of many dimensions who is also on his way to the South Island to trace some ancestry.

The trip from Wellington on the tip of the North Island to Picton on the South Island was by one of the many large ferries that make the 3 hour trip several times around the clock. The ship held scores of cars, trucks, campers and not a few railroad cars. There were 4 passenger decks with all the comforts of an ocean liner.


The scenery was what one would expect of "the world's most scenic ferry ride." !

The easy availability of fast inexpensive internet access that we have become accustom to is not common here, and having to work out of our home on wheels adds a bit of challenge to the mix.

The first wireless site we have found since leaving Australia allows us to finally upload a few more pages.

Now organizing pictures, videos and sound files is becoming less of a chore.