Some views from campsites on the North Island

The scenery here is quite varied and  always new in contrast to what we know. The trees have a green/grey cast reminiscent of olive trees in the Mediterranean. The sky is nearly as "BIG" as Australia's. Everywhere there are hills and later on in the interior we begin to see mountains - in anticipation of the Alps on the South Island..

There are locals with their spears walking the slack tide looking for flounder and other flat fish. Maori girls play with a fountain begging to have their picture taken. In an image in the upper right I experiment again with placing the camera on the ground/beach  for an unusual  perspective to better show the texture of the sands.

Steve Jones, the ranger stops for an animated talk on his work to manage difficult and rare species - and explains how the flock of peacock fit in the mix. Hi is consumed with the management of all the wildlife - including us primates. He stops later to warn us that a few of the transplanted partygoers from the tenting area have moved to our area and might be a bit noisy - they aren't and appear very respectful.